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    Mechanic near jfk

    Buddy of mine is broken down at jfk right now. Car wont start and it's not battery related. He's waiting on a tow truck right now. Anyone know any good 24 hour shops he can bring it to right now?
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    LGA Terminal B departures

    Anyone get any tickets for picking up in terminal B departures these last couple weeks? I sent a driver over there today to do a pickup for air canada and he's telling me no more departures pick ups, even prearranged trips. Everyone has to take the shuttle over to terminal A to get picked...
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    UberBlack/SUV dropped in Connecticut - UberPremium

    Just got an email from Uber saying they dropped both UberBlack and SUV in CT and will be replaced by "UberPremium". Fares are all cut by 25% or more. I believe this service is still only available to commercial drivers, but this is the first I'm hearing about this. There are going to be a lot...
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    Are regulations all bad?

    The general consensus seems to be regulations = bad. Just money hungry gov't looking to take money for no reason. While regulations for the taxi industry are far from perfect, there is some good that comes from them. What's the number one complaint here for drivers? Uber constantly cutting...