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  1. ET1062

    Thank you UB Student.

    I actually got a $3 tip on a $3.66 ride last night. Unicorns do exist. ?
  2. ET1062

    Happy Labor Day! Now get back to work...

    To all the: School Teachers Teachers Aides Bus Drivers Bus Aides Cafeteria Workers And anyone else who works in K-12 that drives during the summer ruining it for the rest of us. Your absence will not be missed.
  3. ET1062

    DWI's down 11% since 2017 in Erie County

    We all played a small part. https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/crime/dwi-arrests-down-11-in-erie-county-since-2017/71-ebe3e860-7eee-4526-a7aa-83f179a24be2
  4. ET1062

    I Hate Allen Street

    Got sideswiped waiting for a PAX in front of Brick Bar at 330 AM. Almost ripped my front number off.
  5. ET1062

    Screwed on a surge - Buffalo Airport

    So last night at roughly 12:15 AM, I started getting pings from the Buffalo Airport which was 15 minutes away. Decline. Decline. Decline. Then the map turned orange, including the little part that is the airport and I get a ping from the airport as I was zooming in to see how much the surge...
  6. ET1062

    Brutal Out There

    Is it just me or has this week been BRUTAL? It's crawling with ants! On a bright side, I reached a milestone, 1000 5 stars on Uber. I am sure my bonus/appreciation check is in the mail.
  7. ET1062

    Buffalo Bills Players

    I only did one ride tonight, then got a text from a buddy and met him out for a few beers. My one ride was a Buffalo BIlls Rookie, took him from his hotel to Chipotle and back. After I got home I open up my app and realize not only didn't he leave a tip but my rating had gone from a 4.92 to a...
  8. ET1062

    May 15 - First Day of Ramadan

    Expect fewer ants on the streets!
  9. ET1062

    Lyft's new All Access

    This can't be good. http://buffalonews.com/2018/05/10/lyft-will-expand-the-test-of-its-all-access-plan-to-the-buffalo-market/?utm_campaign=puma&utm_medium=social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1525985797
  10. ET1062

    How do I delete this thread?

    I’ll stikl never sit in that bs queue. Hopefully it will encourage others to stay at the airport so I can make real money. To be eligible for short trip protection, you must be waiting in an airport queue for at least 15 minutes. Short trip protection is valid for 6 hours at the same...
  11. ET1062

    Changing coming to the Uber App

    From today.... https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/10/17215298/uber-redesign-driver-app-promotions-gamify
  12. ET1062

    PAX Broke my Door and Still Didn't Tip

    Dropped a PAX of at the Eastern Hills Mall this afternoon, she throws open the door in the wind storm and breaks the hinge, I had to get out and shut the door. I look at her and say, the door is broken. No Tip!
  13. ET1062

    Uber's new Scheduled Rides

    Uber is sending pings for these pick ups way before the PAX actually really wants to get picked up. I've had to cancel twice now because the PAX weren't even close to being ready. The one woman was expecting Uber 30 minutes later. I won't be accepting any of these rides going forward.
  14. ET1062

    Speed Traps & TIckets

    Since August I have gotten three speeding tickets while working Elma - I was flying trying to get back to New Era Field as the U2 concert was about to end. Only a $50 fine and no points because I told the town prosecutor I was an Uber driver. City of Tonawanda - 2:30 AM Saturday of...
  15. ET1062

    Premium Pricing

    I had two requests last night that said, something like, this ride may have premium pricing. I accepted one of them and when I dropped the PAX off didn't notice anything different in my pay. Anyone know what this is?
  16. ET1062

    GPS issues today.

    Worked this morning in the snow storm and my Uber GPS, Waze snd Google maps wouldn’t work. Any suggestions?
  17. ET1062

    How do I get out of the airport queue?

    I refuse to work the airport however I have no problem dropping people off there. My problem is once the PAX is dropped off it puts me in the damn queue. I drive away from the airport, still in the queue, I turn of the app while still driving away, still in the queue, I reboot the app, still...
  18. ET1062


    Just logged onto the app and noticed there are no longer any promotions available. If this is the case, that is $180 in potential earnings down the toilet.