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  1. Britney Beverly

    Seattle? Anyone heard?

    I saw on the news that Uber is getting really popular in Seattle. If it's on the news then people have to be making a lot of money there. There isnt as many people there as New York though. Anyone heard anything about Seattle
  2. Britney Beverly

    Gas tax deductible?

    I heard at the end of the year you get tax credit back from all the gas you've used. Is that true? I've been holding in to all my gas receipts. Do I hold on to them till thr wnd of the year, or take them to an uber hub? If i have to twke them to an uber hub, how often do I do that?
  3. Britney Beverly

    Moving 2 hours away

    If I moved 2 hours away but stayed in the same state, would i have to re register and all that?
  4. Britney Beverly

    Uber gas deductions

    I'm new to Uber and new to taxes. I heard that when it's tax time, uber reimburses you for the money you've used on gas. Do they reimburse you for all the gas you've spend while driving for uber or just some?