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  1. 25rides7daysaweek

    Weird Electrical Problem

    Hey guys a little help here please. Over some time my left rear blinker has quit working intermittantly. I changed out the bulb but the problem still came back. The bulb isnt/was not bad but more seemed like the connection. Yesterday I went back to clean the connector and now find that if my...
  2. 25rides7daysaweek

    New Scam In Town

    I got a call with the name of support.. Immediately after a text message through the app saying it was uber support they had been trying to contact me blabla It didnt instruct me to cancel though It was asking me for a valid phone # so they could call me back.. Well this stinks of scam I would...
  3. 25rides7daysaweek

    An Important Tale of Two Surge Rides

    A monday morning I went out early to get some early week travel action. I picked up a 45min long ride on uber w a 9.50 surge. The ride lasted an hour and uber gave me an adjusted surge that was substantially more than the 9.50. I was then around another huge morning surge and accepted a...
  4. 25rides7daysaweek

    20,000 Rides and I Finally Did It

    I got stuck out in the suburbs after rush hour traffic started to build. So I get a call at a premium grocery store and take it. It was a lyft call w no picture on the request. After 5 minutes I roll up there looking for Felicia. I stop about 50 feet before the entrance and hit arrive and...
  5. 25rides7daysaweek

    Pax Gave Me Kisses... Im so happy

    Ok so this is clickbait but read on... This morning on a $6 surge I got a ping that was to a hotel downtown chicago. I wouldnt have normally accepted it and there was no long ride notification. I roll up there and pick up a businessman and he's going to the airport. (damnit) I'm looking him in...
  6. 25rides7daysaweek

    Oh God, That Felt So Good !

    Ok so I'm a seasoned veteran w 19000 rides in 2 1/2 years.So I've been around the block a few times. The pickup was at a really congested area w traffic control people. I had pulled through the main entrance and was approaching the exit. I was stopped w people honking the horn and driving...
  7. 25rides7daysaweek

    Anyone else having connectivity issues?

    I have samsung s7 with Att and have been having my connection drop like 10 times a day. It's like the phone locks up and sometimes I have to reboot it to drop off the pax. It's been blowing some of my consecutive ride bonuses really bad for maybe the last 2 months. Neither att or Samsung's tech...
  8. 25rides7daysaweek

    Lyft Drops Waze Navigation Option

    I hope it's not just a fluke but I updated lyft yesterday and waze is gone. I've deleted and reinstalled the app and cant get waze back. Google maps is such garbage I cant even use it. I just sent a message to support that told them about my problem and let them know I'm no longer taking lyft...
  9. 25rides7daysaweek

    Do All Alcoholics Leave Tips?

    This topic has been bugging me for a while. thought this would be an interesting issue to discuss. Anyway I used to be an active alcoholic and when I went out always gave my bartender a tip. I was never so broke I couldn't afford it and was taught when someone performed a personal service for...
  10. 25rides7daysaweek

    Anyone else get shorted consecutive ride bonuses Saturday afternoon?

    I thought I saw 2-4 and 4-6 consecutive rides Saturday afternoon. Did anyone else see them posted and get them or not? I don't want to spend 30 minutes calling them if I was mistaken..
  11. 25rides7daysaweek

    All of a sudden....

    I've got over 10000 trips and from time to time I went get any calls for a long time. Then in the same 5 seconds I get one from uber and lyft. I'm in chicago have att service and a newish phone. Att has told me they don't know of anything that would be running that would stop the calls from...
  12. 25rides7daysaweek

    Does this happen to you?

    I been driving full time plus for a couple years now. So this isn't my first rodeo. I have a newer phone att service and work around downtown chicago. Every once and a while I wont get any pings for like 30 minutes. Then all of a sudden I'll get both uber and lyft pings in the same 3 seconds...
  13. 25rides7daysaweek

    I Got Scrubered!!!

    I got run out to plainfield the other day. It was the middle of the day and I got $46 for it so hurrah!!!. Anyway I was hoping someone would take me out of there and was desperate. I got a long distance request and took it. 12 minutes and 5 miles later i made the pickup. A girl was going to...
  14. 25rides7daysaweek

    Tips not available on this ride !!!!

    I just had a woman in the car who showed me her iPhone and it said "no tips availible on this ride" on an uber ride. She was complaining to me about it because she couldn' tip her previous drivers. Kind of makes me wonder how many other people aren' able to leave a tip...
  15. 25rides7daysaweek

    So I'm a LIAR?

    So yesterday i get a ping a block away and accept it.. i roll up and hit the flashers. At 4 minutes i call the pax and she answers. Hi this is the uber I've been here for 4 minutes. "Oh aint no way you been here 4 minutes, ill be right out" OK..... 15 14 13 12 11 10 you get the idea :-). I dont...
  16. 25rides7daysaweek


    I haven' had a call in a freaking hour. Is anyone else getting any? I don' see any passengers in any cars!!!