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  1. Lebowskii

    Proper pay formula please

    Proper pay formula please
  2. Lebowskii

    Fare adjustments...

    This is frustrating pax charged 7$+ more than shows on my trip.. nothing new I know just want to confirm formula of proper pay for this trip posting pics of trip and also have pic of customers overcharged trip details... I signed up when x was 20% cut... 80% of 7$ no joke losing 4-5$
  3. Lebowskii

    Drop off along route...

    So 2 pax, politely ask me if I can let one pax out along way... I say yes, my question is what's the pay difference... it literally was on the way so it wasn't bad but if they programmed 1st drop off and then 2nd drop off what's pay diff?
  4. Lebowskii


    pax says ya they are testing drones in x country... they pick you up and carry you to your destination. Me: oh ya? That's crazy wow I'm sure a drone is going to carry me through the air... uber air... maybe in 2099 sounds fun right?
  5. Lebowskii

    Boost gone

    Ever since I signed up for eats and removed it one day later I haven't had proper promotions. Every time I update or redownload app my badges disappears and it seems to switch between two different formats depending on the day time and which version I had before redownload. Before was...
  6. Lebowskii

    Where show tips?

    Ive only done a very few number of trips since tipping... my first rider today was very nice and she brought up tipping feature as a positive thing to me. She was elderly lady I'm fairly certain she would tip something. This would be my first in app tip... where do tips show? I read rider can...
  7. Lebowskii

    Pings no sound ?!?

    Restarted phone, not muted, volume up ping refuse to make a sound... missed one at least due to this already Anyone?
  8. Lebowskii


    this one boggles me... McDonald's drinks... Anyone had to bring 5+ drinks or ice creme cones (can you order cones for eats?) So 2 trays of drinks how deliver without potential spilling... Multiple ice creme cones??? I find it hard enough to take one tray of drinks for a drive but two? You...
  9. Lebowskii

    Uber eats ??

    Curious about current pay structure can anyone confirm? When I tried it was just after they cut the flat fee in half and it was uber x rates from food to pax zero compensation for drive to the food
  10. Lebowskii

    Not to mention gas

    maybe a smaller issue for some than others but at ZERO compensation for gas the growing gas cost has to affect some... how many people need premium gas? I know accounting comes into play here but I rather just be compensated properly
  11. Lebowskii

    Cell phone - no tip :(

    returned cell phone hoping for tip... father answers door... takes phone... thanks closes door. Throw me a 5 or 10 for going out of my way to manually return. Sigh** still right thing to do but could have used the gesture that's for sure *was select trip otherwise probably wouldn't have gone...
  12. Lebowskii

    They are literally telling us the fare is 50% of actual fare charged

    I know we already know this but I had a small select ride and they ended up keeping half after the trickery this is fraud seriously how is this continuing?? Picture is of my rider app requesting same ride I'm about to give getting a 11.95 price for the 3min select ride... My pay shows they...
  13. Lebowskii

    uber who doesn't accept tip go away please

    My friends thanks to me purposely tip uber drivers because I've explained the situation and they are good people. Last weekend one of my friends ran into one of the I don't accept tips but thanks anyways... Said he does this for other reasons... Wasn't driving an overly fancy car but seriously...
  14. Lebowskii

    Updated rider app doesn't show cars

    oh maybe this just when you request a close ride wasn't showing for a close destination, weird
  15. Lebowskii

    Tips idea (that won't work)

    Big picture won't help but I'm going to start complaining about every ride asking where the tip button is and just send it over until they close each issue as resolved after not resolving my issue the question is which option to email complain under after each trip
  16. Lebowskii

    Tip button / Xclusive select / better uber X rates

    who do we have to start emailing in Toronto??? I'm already down to working after 7pm only who are the idiots working for 2$ in rush hour... Things will improve if rides keep getting unmet in rush hour (it's already started)
  17. Lebowskii

    8 uber X drivers around...20min pings

    why did I get 3-4 20+ pings yesterday... User app shows people around hmm
  18. Lebowskii

    Surge vanishing act

    got drive downtown, went offline after drive, drove to center of surge and went online, surge straight up vanish. Ok not gonna pick up cust on principal now... As soon as 10-13 mins north surge comes back to the area it just vanished on me in... Further I get bigger and redder the surge gets...
  19. Lebowskii

    How can I figure out what Pax charged???

    obviously the idea that uber is Not being up front with what pax is actually being charged makes it impossible for me to confirm or deny this without seeing what cust being charged? Save for a trip or two I could do with a friend how can we proove this??? Can't go with info on drivers app...
  20. Lebowskii

    5 min timer after pax notified...

    Uber needs to add official 5 min countdown after rider notified... No disputing cancellation charge and no cancellation against stats after timer runs out I'm sick of waiting for people.