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    Seattle and Lyft

    two years ago but Iam fairly certain when I was there last fall I turned on the app just to see and it worked
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    Seattle and Lyft

    maybe different in Seattle but Im californian and drove in spokane ,just turned on the app with lyft
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    If your new Uber lied to you

    I stand corrected .Perhaps I was reacting to the comment of 10 cars per ride avail able
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    First night... horror story???

    Not a typical night .Ive done 13000 rides had many drunks in my car and most are very polite and some very fun .People do get sick from time to time .Why would anyone do this job and not expect that .Again 13000 rides maybe 10 sick people .Protect your car seat covers rubber floor mats a nd its...
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    If your new Uber lied to you

    I know nothing of driving in your area ,but there are always 8 cars on the driver screen . They are "salter cars ".They are there to give confidence to anyone thinking of hailing a car. I drive in Santa Barbara , always 8 cars .
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    Lyft Bonus vs Uber PDB??? Who is better??

    I'm a central coast driver just checking out how drivers in other areas are doing .we don't have any of these bonus's for x number of rides given .Could I ask for a quick explanation of how they work >Id like to see them here
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    New Driving Tips in this area SLO

    use the rider app to see where most cars concentrate
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    Live in Ventura, Driving Santa Barbara

    SB is good but were pretty full up of drivers anymore and well be in the same boat as these other cities you read about on this site .Statev street and ucsb are always good .
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    What is the highest surge you've seen?

    8.9 at Coachella and also on new years eve in my town
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    My first long trip...

    Can I ask whay drivers are making in the Pittsburgh area doing uber and lyft combined on a Saturday night ?
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    is anyone driving in the napa area and what are you making per week ?
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    Can I drive in a different city for a special event?

    I would suggest not bothering to drive so far . The secret is out . You and every other driver in the tri state area well show up and no one well make money . Coachella is now a bust because ,literally , a 1000 or 2 drivers show up. We just has Fiesta in Santa Barbara and drivers from 200 miles...