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  1. OC-Moe

    another entitled paxhole anecdote

    Morton's, Disney south, earlier tonight, accepted a likely NAMM trip inspite of a highly probable short hop, pin is at the restaurant so I pull in front just as the three passengers are yelling trying to get my attention. I guess the two cars in valet gave them pause. The three get in and...
  2. OC-Moe

    Anyone else noticed that to decline a Lyft trip request now requires...

    ...multiple and vigorous tapping on the X button?
  3. OC-Moe

    anybody else seen or accepted the new Uber reserved/scheduled trips?

    finally saw it today and boy the app doesn't give you much time to think,
  4. OC-Moe

    the new(old style) surge is broken for me

    was in the surge, got no requests for several minutes. Before I arrived in Fullerton during the surge I got several non surge trip offers, zero for several minutes after I was in the surge zone.
  5. OC-Moe

    saw some elderly petition workers at Ralphs against AB5

    Uber et al are already working on getting the necessary signatures to repeal AB5.
  6. OC-Moe

    Lyft might want to put a minimum of $10 for scheduled trips...

    ...why do riders think there are numerous drivers waiting to accept a base minimum scheduled trip. 🤣😂
  7. OC-Moe

    frequent rider perks were cut too

  8. OC-Moe

    will Lyft urge riders to upload better or more filtered photos to counter Uber?

    Lyft has to be nervous now in one of the biggest markets
  9. OC-Moe

    when the founder leaves the bagholders and flees, what's next

  10. OC-Moe

    slowest restaurant night of the year and...

    ...a tragic dogwalk disrupts the train service around LA...
  11. OC-Moe

    uber/Lyft gambling on the Feds saving their bacon hahaha

  12. OC-Moe

    did Uber/lyft get an injunction to stop the new law?

    I have seen zero change from Lyft and Uber is spacing out my trip requests but at least I can usually see a pre-acceptance fare estimate on most trip offers but funny enough, not on pool ride requests hahahahaha
  13. OC-Moe

    Last night got to live dangerously in San Bernardino

    and in future will avoid the area like the plague. Took a chick from an apartment building to a local liquor store, she promised she would be quick. There were two ganstas loitering with what appeared to be a crack ho. One guy kept lifting his shirt and he appeared to be packing. The pax was...
  14. OC-Moe

    Uber driver defecates in riders home...

  15. OC-Moe

    I mainly wanted to score some cash not hash and avoid the vomit, got stuck in LA...

    ...at the witching hour. OC on Uber is where I should have stayed. Hindsight is 20/20. After a few Lyft cancellations once the paxholes figured out their fares, I threw in the towel because the UberBot was not giving me a real incentive to deal with the circus. I took some USC guys from a...
  16. OC-Moe

    I suspect that the Uber robot now spaces out rides...

    ...so I get a minimum wage per hour...any others getting a lot of dead time too?