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  1. Poopy54

    Name your price

  2. Poopy54

    Damn potholes

    Destroyed my tire, ride from the Kearney Mesa Mercedes dealer to Scripts Ranch $20.00 ride Watch yourselves on Mercury St just south of Ronson Rd....
  3. Poopy54

    Judge: Uber drivers who make airport runs may be exempt from arbitration

    Ca. seems to be making it a bit more harder on Uber https://www.latimes.com/business/technology/story/2019-11-26/uber-drivers-who-make-airport-runs-get-a-boost-in-pay-fight?
  4. Poopy54

    Message from Mass

    This was a trip to SAN LOL
  5. Poopy54

    This is what I like to see in the A.M.

    Been missing this for a while
  6. Poopy54

    Lyft's fixed trips

    WTF is this, and what happens if we deviate from the instructions "This trip is fixed. No address changes. No extra stops. No round trips. Fixed trips are monitored. Please follow the app̧s navigation.".
  7. Poopy54

    Anyone in SD getting this?

  8. Poopy54

    Oh Dara foot in mouth

  9. Poopy54


    Saturday I get a ride from La Jolla to Barona, nice trip with a 70 year old nanny that works for a family out here(she is from NY) Finish the ride, hang out for 10 min to try to get back. Set my DF south, get to the bottom of the hill and get a ping going towards my destination. Accept it, then...
  10. Poopy54

    Fuel rewards holders good deal

  11. Poopy54

    Anyone else not hearing Uber ride alert tone

    I cant get a sound out of my Uber alert, uninstall reinstall, reboot phone....Tired of having to stare at my screen, although I have seemed to be able to fine tune my peripheral vision. OH and Uber support is worthless, but you all already knew that :mad:
  12. Poopy54

    Kaboo 2020

    As if DT isn't a pain already https://www.mlb.com/padres/tickets/concert/kaaboo-san-diego?partnerId=ed-14422874-1166909123
  13. Poopy54

    Just gonna leave this here UBER

  14. Poopy54

    Had a scenic ride today

  15. Poopy54

    Well at least the chili was good

  16. Poopy54

    Vehicle registration

    I pay my vehicle reg online thru the DMV.Gov site, so they need to send it to me. DMV is screwed up because I never received in the mail 30 days prior the paperwork, so I sent a picture of the online receipt with all my car info and mine to uber in the the documents section. They rejected it...
  17. Poopy54

    Woot...getting paid , anyone else?

    This is the suit involving only drivers from Calif and Mass......11 cents per mile
  18. Poopy54

    Anyone else get tear jerked with the video "Your Journey"

    I didn't.....:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  19. Poopy54

    F ME

    Uber keeps sending me these notices about fraudulent activity on my account, a couple of notices and then this last "Final Notice" I have written to them asking exactly what the issues is and they keep sending me these canned responses....then I get this today. Anyone else deal with this...
  20. Poopy54

    $3.00 DF charge?

    Iv'e had to use DF the last couple of days to get back down to reality, but noticing a $3.00 charge on each one, luckily they have gotten me to the airport, but WTF