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  1. Randomblina

    Background Check Refresh?

    So I started driving for Uber 3 months ago. I did all the requirements to sign up, it was super simple, was driving in 6 hours from starting the application to getting the “green light” (haha). Yesterday, I was getting ready to drive and on my app it said I needed to enter my social security...
  2. Randomblina

    Cinco de Mayo

    Hi All, Cinco de Drinko is this weekend, I plan on working some extra hours to get some extra cash. I was just wondering if there are typically a lot of surges? Thinking probably every driver will be trying to capitalize on the demand, so I don’t want to get my hopes up too high that it’s going...
  3. Randomblina

    Destination Setting, Is It Worth Using?

    Does anyone here use the destination setting, and do you feel it’s worth the (sometimes) wait? I live near Mesa Gateway, so when I finish early in the morning I usually set that as my destination. It’s only worked one time, and I’m not sure if I am using it the right way. Also, is it possible...
  4. Randomblina

    Any Other Female Drivers Out There?

    Hi All! I’m 3 weeks into driving Uber, and really only drive about 3 nights a week. Keep hearing people say they never get a female driver, especially at night. I’m loving it so far, money is good, averaging $20-23/hr., only about 15% tip average, not sure if that’s normal but love cash...