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  1. SATX

    Please join TNC Drivers United

    Ziggy, a well-known contributor to this forum, is encouraging drivers in Austin to join TNC Drivers United at http://tncdriversunited.org/join. I have joined and urge you to do the same. Below is a post he made to the Austin Forum with a brief explanation. Furthermore, if anyone would consider...
  2. SATX

    For those tempted to head south..Here's the new San Antonio rates

    uberX: 90¢ per mile uberXL: $1.65 per mile uberSelect: unchanged at $2.75 per mile
  3. SATX

    Insurance Dongle thingy…Good/Bad idea?

    I apologize in advance if this subject has been covered elsewhere. I also recognize that I could pose the question to a larger forum; but, I happen to value the posts/replies that I’ve read here…so… Would you advise against/for using the plugin “research” device offered by insurance companies...
  4. SATX

    Hmm…Can we say “Network Error”?!!

    Note the duration of the trip…Amazing! Anyone else ever have such an anomaly?
  5. SATX

    San Antonio, TX

    I would like a Forum for San Antonio Drivers to be added. Anyone else interested, please put in your two cents. Thanx.