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  1. KawanaPete

    Mexican stand off

    I always end the trip after the doors are closed.. had a few slammers. Especially Millennials
  2. KawanaPete

    Uber 3 shell trick

    You could be right... But I didn't see them disappear and then reappear on the screen. Which is what normally happens to ants when requests come through.
  3. KawanaPete

    Sick people making false reports!

    That guy your dander up LFW.. I must be one of these Aussie liars... Yep I do, to my pax.. telling them how happy I am driving for uber or the other ones.. Hot sausage get back in the hole you came out of. You complain about everything Australia has to offer you.. probably the air you breathe...
  4. KawanaPete

    Wrong pickup location

    Shit happens.. Had one like that on Friday, but lucky i only drove 3 blocks to pick up point..
  5. KawanaPete

    Uber 3 shell trick

    I went out this Arvo about 3 ish. my first job was pick up 6 km away 10 minutes... but the weird part was I was looking at pax app and it showed 3 ants much closer than I was... They were still there after I accepted the trip... uber is still playing tricks.... Efen trip was so bloody short...
  6. KawanaPete

    Didi- not achieving gold

    Didi is heading The way of the dodo... I have only been offered 2 trips since the 15/12 with Didi.. no way to make gold at all here. So now I only turn the app on if things are slow with Uber and Ola. Sorry I forgot.. I was offered 1 trip yesterday after being gone about 2 hours.. Forgot to turn...
  7. KawanaPete

    Uber donates a massive number

    I'm all for it eating native animals..!! Tried water buffalo burgers. Had a camel pie once.. ate roo meat a lot.. wouldn't mind trying a bit of smooo.... I think so ScoMo is working out in the gym. Getting ready for rematch with emergency workers!!
  8. KawanaPete

    A toast to Uber and Ola

    Didi wouldn't have enough riders to hand over any money....
  9. KawanaPete

    Uber donates a massive number

    What did Didi and Ola give? Rice and curry???
  10. KawanaPete

    Found a phone in a car!

    What I seem to be seeing here is a good example of how to get into trouble wth Uber. First of all you find the phone on 31/12 And you still haven't handed it to the police or tried to return it by Tuesday 7/01/20 Why didn't you hand it in earlier? Or is this just some Bull shit you made up? If I...
  11. KawanaPete

    Anyone driving for DiDi?

    I think I do.. But Didi should tell me what settings the app should be set to.
  12. KawanaPete

    2020 uber comfort requirement insanity

    I did like wise about my Renault Megane. But no luck whatever. Its nearly the same as a Passat. But Uber won't have a bar of it..
  13. KawanaPete

    Anyone driving for DiDi?

    You can have my Didi trips... They are still not letting me know if I have a request or not....
  14. KawanaPete

    Penny Pushers Who Put Stops In Min Fare Trips

    Go to help.. Then issue with rider .. Then change rating rider or something like that
  15. KawanaPete

    DiDi vs OLA

    I have been having major issues with Didi since 15/12. When the app is on I have not been getting rider requests come up on my phone screen. Every few days Didi decide to ban me from driving for 30 minutes due to me for not accepting rides. I have had about 5 phone calls and emails to them about...
  16. KawanaPete

    Do you travel?

    Especially in Mooloolaba.. I was i counting them the other day. Gave up after crossing bridge Funny thing was that after dropping off Pax at mantra I was sandwiched between 2 rideshare cars and got a ping to pick up 200m away... Uber app works in magical ways..... Sometimes lucky
  17. KawanaPete

    Do you travel?

    I have seen ants come up here to the sunny coast airport regularly. First thing they want to know is where is the rideshare lounge!.. we haven't even got a @@@@ing toilet. I was wondering why all the grass was dying behind the transformer cubicles....ohh we have a bloody wiz bin that smells and...
  18. KawanaPete

    Penny Pushers Who Put Stops In Min Fare Trips

    I disagree... I see my rating change nearly straight away. And I know which pax we annoying or not happy Jan's, so I act accordingly
  19. KawanaPete

    Penny Pushers Who Put Stops In Min Fare Trips

    Most times I wait until they leave MY car.. door slammers automatic 1 star... I usually check my rating after each trip. If they give me a low rating. I readjust theirs accordingly. Seems to work ok...
  20. KawanaPete

    New Year’s Eve Rookie