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  1. Normanite

    Not that kinda girl

    I won’t go into the whole ride, which was garbage in and of itself (stuck in traffic with two complete scumbags with competing itunes playlists + McDonalds) but at one point I heard the horrendously ugly one say, “he wanna f___ me”. At this juncture she proceeded to play a video sent to her by...
  2. Normanite

    Uber drivers are trash

    I’ve picked up six or seven pax in the past two years who were either current or former drivers. They never tip and two have reported me. Today my former-driver pax entered the wrong destination then 1-starred me and reported me for navigation. Disgusting.
  3. Normanite


    1) Five riders: Had to explain to Pax that I've only got room for four passengers. Three of the five set out walking so I politely accomodated the remaining two. "Hey guys, how's your Wednesday?" 2) New stop: Pax wanted to add a stop. I asked for directions which made Pax extremely upset. He...
  4. Normanite

    Advice from Business Insider

    http://www.businessinsider.com/how-uber-drivers-get-deactivated-2017-7 Good to know, but the way it starts off gives the impression it's a handy guide for scumbags who can't take no for an answer.
  5. Normanite

    An honest mistake

    Earlier in the day I had picked up a pax from a pool party. I noticed lots of cars out front because there was nowhere to park that was convenient for the pax (I'm a softy). Pax was wasted and weird and it wasn't even close to sundown. Next call was to another house in need of it's own parking...
  6. Normanite

    Just an Axe

    Got a ping around 6pm. Seems Kaye from Warr Acres needed a lift. As I drove up to Kaye's house, the first person I noticed was a male 20-something turd in a wifebeater and a bootleg Lou*s Vuitton [banned word?] cap giving me the two-finger "come hither". Strike 1. As this lumpy Juggalo...
  7. Normanite

    "Heather" in Warr Acres

    Be careful. If you get an early morning ping from "Heather" on or around NW 50th, don't be surprised if some weirdo might be staring at their phone and following you on foot (you head east, he heads east, you head west, he heads west) as you slowly make your way around double-checking addresses...