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    Had a pax ask why it was so hard to get a lyft.

    So last night in the ATL there was a big convention or something going on downtown. I picked up a group of 4 people for a lovely +$13 for the 2 mile trip. Anyway while I was driving them one Pax was on the phone with someone else at the convention. I overheard them say something along the lines...
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    Been driving lyft for 2 years and personally I feel the PPZ’s are the worst idea lyft has come up with and haven’t taken one ride with ppz cuz Uber surge is easier to understand. Does PZ’s even work? I can’t even see them spawn anymore.
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    surge problem

    here in Atlanta it gets pretty crazy in the morning, surge everywhere it usually makes a great time to make serious money, however today Monday morning the busiest morning of the week, There Was No surge anywhere for 4 hours of morning commute. what makes it even more odd is that there is a...