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  1. SATX

    What is your total !

    I'm over 3000; but, I did over 2500 of those last year...I really don’t do as many trips since the rates plummeted.
  2. SATX

    New driver in San Antonio

    I agree with a good portion of what you are suggesting; however, since the recently displaced Austin drivers are currently trying to keep their driving gig going in San Antonio, staging at the airport has become a painful waiting experience. Also, San Antonio riders are notorious for waiting...
  3. SATX

    New Driver in San Antonio!

    San Antonio used to charge a cancellation fee; but, it and many other cities have gotten rid of it. Personally, when faced with this situation, I have made it a habit to call and politely let the rider know that I'm on my way, traffic is a bit thick, but I will get to them as quickly as...
  4. SATX

    What about COTA???

    I've wondered about this. Can you share your source?
  5. SATX

    GetMe Questions

    Any idea what the deductible is?
  6. SATX

    San Antonio Rates EVER going up?

    Not trying to pick a fight; but, who are you quoting when you say, "rates always go down"?
  7. SATX


    We definitely need better feedback and a way to dispute erroneous ratings; however, and you will likely never hear me defend another Uber policy, giving drivers access to specific feedback could endanger passengers. Surely we can all agree that it wouldn't be long before one of us snapped and...
  8. SATX

    Weekly numbers

    What about depreciation and setting money aside for oil changes, repairs, tires, unemployment while you're sick or your vehicle is in the shop, or (most importantly) water and mints?!
  9. SATX

    San Antonio Rates EVER going up?

    The short answer appears to be: Historically, no. For a more comprehensive answer, might I suggest looking to Austins' page on this site. Here’s why: San Antonio is a newer market and its page on this forum is in its infancy. The more mature Austin forum has a unique variety of perspectives...
  10. SATX

    TNC Drivers United

    Politics aside, it's apparent that Trump isn't the only one that loves the uneducated.
  11. SATX

    Please join TNC Drivers United

    Ziggy, a well-known contributor to this forum, is encouraging drivers in Austin to join TNC Drivers United at http://tncdriversunited.org/join. I have joined and urge you to do the same. Below is a post he made to the Austin Forum with a brief explanation. Furthermore, if anyone would consider...
  12. SATX

    Uber Protest Billboard on Mopac

    Count me in as a substantial financial contributor...provided we use someone who knows what they're doing.
  13. SATX

    Who if anyone is actually striking for Super Bowl Sunday?

    I haven't accepted any trips since the rate cuts...today will be no different. Unfortunately, it seems that there are those who are either oblivious to the changes, desperate for the little money to be had, or hanging in hoping for better days.
  14. SATX

    So. Uber has lowered our fares again.

    If the ping was from a single location, another possibility is that a driver has just been told that their vehicle has been approved for uberSELECT. Out of desperation, they try to see if they can get a SELECT ping. On more than one occasion I have contacted the offender who apologized. However...
  15. SATX

    Uber Pool - Austin

    To think I was almost gullible enough to take the "mandatory" training for this garbage when it was first offered here in Austin. PSHHH!
  16. SATX

    So. Uber has lowered our fares again.

    No uberPool; but, yes, Übers new "feature" to add a new ride when nearing a destination can have "interesting" consequences. Since I have my "Partner" app set to flash, (accessibility setting within the app) the app lights up like a disco party and I get some interesting looks from passengers...
  17. SATX

    For those tempted to head south..Here's the new San Antonio rates

    And, hey, now pretty much any vehicle with leather will work...perhaps I should buy a cow and save some money on depreciation.
  18. SATX

    For those tempted to head south..Here's the new San Antonio rates

    uberX: 90¢ per mile uberXL: $1.65 per mile uberSelect: unchanged at $2.75 per mile
  19. SATX

    APP Frustration

    Usually happens to me when my phone attempts to connect to a weak WIFI signal. I usually turn WIFI off once I leave the house to avoid this scenario.
  20. SATX

    TNC Ordinance [STATUS]

    Thank you Ziggy!