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    Poll - Uber Pro worthless?

    As a Caucasian northerner in the dirty south I do all right at 4.93. Though I could understand for some it maybe a problem
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    Anyone else hooked on 5 Hour Energy?

    I generally have 2 Bangs a night the 200 mg of caffeine per can is a big help
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    Current Mileage Rates

    It varies by market a large market like here in Atlanta is generally $.63/mile where as a very small market like one city in Montana has a rate of $1.75/ mile. Population and demand can have a big impact on fare rates
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    What do you do/use to protect your back/neck? (SCIATICA)

    Chiropractor and light weight lower back workouts
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    Would you take this 45+?

    Hell to the no I wouldn’t take that
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    Non monetary tips

    I can’t recall them however food is always an acceptable tip
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    Do you Drive on the 4th July?

    I Hope everyone does well tomorrow as well
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    Do you Drive on the 4th July?

    I usually do. However last year unfortunately I was rear ended and ruined my night
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    How do you guys sit for a few hours at Airports and make any money?

    I only go to the airport when the que drops to 40 or less
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    Whats the farthest you’ll drive..

    8 minutes unless surge is +$9 or more in that case up to 15 minutes as it becomes worth the drive
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    Unfortunately you can get it. Ignore it take the fee you got and leave.
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    DO NOT sign Uber Petition!

    Most in this forum probably aren’t gonna fall for their obvious trap. Sadly some idiots will
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    Loving this new gig!

    Given he uses an F150 probably shorter than most
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    Loving this new gig!

    IronDonkey welcome to the forum and the absurdity which is rideshare. As for everyone’s negativity towards the job, the company’s have been screwing drivers for years and it always gets worse everyone being negative including myself were in your shoes when we started, happy to do it and enjoying...
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    Great amenities badge count

    Hahaha didn’t even see that comment there. I’m pushing for the 2024 summer games for it to be an official sport lol.
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    Great amenities badge count

    Nooooooo!!!!!! I just checked and I got one recently.??? I Blame CarGo for this miscarriage of justice.
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    Switching cities leads to being unable to drive

    Yeah not looking forward to it when I move 2000miles (as the crow flys)but at least when I do it I’ll have at least 4 days on the road longer if I hit snow.
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    LYFT slashing pay in Boise. Coming to your market soon!!!

    It’s like lyft is actively trying to put themselves outta business
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    No destination

    They should know better
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    How Big is Large?

    If you’re car is gonna have a hard time stopping, or require great RPMs to get moving I would classify them as large.