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  1. Wex

    Slow today?

    I know it's that time of the year but I was just in my car for an hour with no requests...
  2. Wex

    Moral dilemma...

    Right now I'm waiting at a gas station for my rider. She is a high school teacher on her way to work... she is f-ing wasted! Do I call the school and report it or let it go? Kinda feeling like doing it if she doesn't tip...🤣 The other side of it I consider is that she probably needs to be drunk...
  3. Wex

    Uber Vacation Sweepstakes

    I won b*tches! And I'm going to the Philippines to get my wife! ✌ Also might just stay there and work for uber support. Thanks for being a valued uber diamond partner!
  4. Wex


    Felix comes out to ask if him and his buddies can bring some drinks in my car. He gets my name wrong too. No thank you I said. He says "okay well we will be right out after we chug them!" "Okay buddy take your time!" I said. Right after he goes back inside. CANCEL! Immediately I dial my long...
  5. Wex

    How much money did uber take from you in 2019?

    Uber took just over $13k from my fares which was about 29.2%. For the yearly average 29% isn't too bad compared to what I was expecting. I would have had an extra $2k if it was the75/25% cut when I signed up. When I add in the bonuses which is separate from the gross earnings uber actually...
  6. Wex

    Holiday Spirit

    Hey Yall. Was feeling generous yesterday and gave a stranger money on the highway. Had someone riding my ass yesterday while doing 10 over and passing traffic. Couldn't even see the front of his car he was so close. Strike 1 He didn't like the brake check I gave them or the middle finger. So...
  7. Wex

    Had a puker!

    Not my first. Actually my 4th puker in 3 years. However this is the first one that didnt grab the puke bag sitting directly infront of them on the back of my seat. She put my window down right before we got to the destination and puked out the window. Got puke on the exterior of my car, but...
  8. Wex

    The minimum Fare should be $5

    Why should anyone get in your car for less than $5? Even if the rider pays $6 or 7 that's pretty cheap to haul someone's lazy ass a mile or two down the road... Edit. They're paying more than $7, currently no surge.
  9. Wex

    Has anyone had an uber pet ride?

    Uber Car seat would have been a more profitable choice to make
  10. Wex

    Really slow this morning

    Slow for anyone else?
  11. Wex

    App not working

    Closes as soon as I open it...
  12. Wex

    Long haul recommended by Uber 🤣

    Of course I took it since the APP said so. Got paid both tolls too. A little over $31 for this trip after subtracting 1 toll.
  13. Wex


    Quests are a scam, especially the split week quests. Like let me guess how many rides uber might give me next week. And if you are 7 rides short of 90 or 100 rides you don't get anything for all your hard work.
  14. Wex

    Read it and weep @@@@@es

    I can't wait to print this out and take it up stairs to put on my parent's fridge. Also sorry to any ant's egos I crushed who may have mistaken themselves as the best Uber driver. I am king of the ant hill
  15. Wex

    Map issue :uber

    Checking my fares and how much riders paid this morning. Noticed one of my rides to the airport was showing the incorrect distance. Took Lincoln/Kelly/Vine.st.exp.way to 95. Waze suggested that route even though it's my usual long haul from Chestnut Hill. It showed I took 76. Called in...
  16. Wex

    Halloween party

    When: tomorrow 8PM Where: Ant Lot @PHL Who: uber x, uber xl, comfort, pet, eats, and of course WAV drivers (sorry black and lux y'all too fancy for us) BYOB - BYOWeed I will have my George Foreman grill plugged into the bathroom trailer. Will provide 1 pack of burgers and buns. Bring your own...
  17. Wex

    Smyrna DE

    Have a guy who goes down there from Philly once a week. Wondering if there are any areas where I might find a trip back towards Philly. Figuring it's pretty rare down that way.
  18. Wex

    To charge a return fee or not to charge a return fee, that is the question..

    I dropped some riders off at the ups store. Turn around to check back seat and find a camera lens. Figured I'd wait a few minutes after they came out while I wait for my next ride. I end up seeing them walk by before my next trip. Yell yo at them and they think I'm just saying hi. Then I hold...
  19. Wex

    Airport - "finding trips for next 10 minutes"

    Has anyone else see this message after dropping off at the airport? It counts down starting at 10 minutes
  20. Wex

    Picked up a rider whose driver kicked them out

    Picked up a lady at 69th street station. She got kicked out of her previous uber and he called the cops on her. It all started over her asking him to blow his nose because according to her, he kept sucking back his muscus repeatedly and loudly. Also commented that he had no music playing and...