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  1. DerrickD

    As a Uber/Lyft driver, what gift do you want for Christmas?

    Christmas is just less than 2 weeks from now. Many of us here are Uber/Lyft drivers, so what gift for Christmas will make you a happy person?
  2. DerrickD

    How long do you think Uber will last?

    Since there's so many people complaining about Uber, do you think it will collapse soon?
  3. DerrickD

    Is dash cam a good birthday gift?

    My brother's birthday is in January. So I started thinking what gift should I buy him? He drives Uber from time to time and he mentioned before that the dash cam he's using now is not in a good shape. So I figured I can get him a new dash cam for his birthday. And it looks like I can get a good...
  4. DerrickD

    Does Uber care about the drivers?

    Just wondering!
  5. DerrickD

    How Useful is Dashcam Video for Uber Drivers?

    I know dashcam video can be used as evidence if there's an accident. And maybe it can act as a warning to annoying pax. Have you guys come across situations where dashcam video is useful and and saves you some trouble?
  6. DerrickD

    Considering getting a dashcam

    It seems there's more and more reckless drivers on the street these days. I'm thinking to get a dashcam for evidence of potential accidents. Do you own a dashcam on your car? What dashcam do you think gets the work done? Not too expensive I hope