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  1. J

    New Quest scheme....!

  2. J

    Uber is trying to trick its drivers into skirting California's new contractor law

    Yes, that is all we wanted from the beginning. If they would have done things like this from the very beginning, AB5 would likely never have happened. Now that it has happened, they are finally giving in and giving us some of the things we wanted. Maybe too little too late. But like the...
  3. J

    So is SELECT officially dead now?

    Last few times I drove, have gotten several LUX trips on LYFT but I can't remember the last SELECT trip I got on UBER
  4. J

    What time period do riders have to submit driver ratings?

    I think they have a long time actually. I had a ride a while back where I took someone to Palo Alto and took a wrong turn, kept going straight thinking it would circle me back toward the exit I just missed, the damn thing kept me going straight all the way around the bay through traffic adding...
  5. J

    PSA: check your ride preferences

    Happens to me all the time. I drive SELECT only, in the early mornings. When the app pings, wakes me up and I run downstairs to make the pickup. I can't remember how many times I accepted a ride, drive to the pickup and have it turn out to be an X, or worse yet a POOL call. Now as soon as I...
  6. J

    $7 seems like a nice little surge

    Then i went to the rider apps to see the difference in cost between uber and lyft. Uber was $130 to get to the city from where i was and lyft was about $60. Nice little premium that uber gets to give us our $7 during surge.
  7. J

    Airport Cancellations - High cancellation rate detected

    Just reply back to uber and tell them you only want to be given riders that are going downtown. That seems like a perfectly reasonable request. I'm sure they will comply!
  8. J

    Social security number

    ok, cool. thanks
  9. J

    Social security number

    I just turned my app on a few minutes ago and it is asking me to enter my social security number for verification and that it will be for a background check. Did anyone else get this message. Is this legit or did someone get into my app? I don't want to enter my social because i know they...
  10. J

    How many ants have upgraded to Select/ XL

    SELECT is dead on uber since COMFORT started
  11. J

    Uber once in a while will activate UberEat

    Same thing with me. I always have my preferences set to SELECT only. Very often i will get a request and drive to it only to find out it's an X or COMFORT ride when i get there. Then of course i look at my preferences and all of them are set to ON. It happens a lot on Uber, never on Lyft...
  12. J

    The Big Bazooka!

    That's a thing of beauty right there!?
  13. J

    Wanting to know do assist

    10 hour day probably about $250. That's a long day driving in this city though.
  14. J

    Just noticed that my Uber X and POOL options are gone

    I now only have SELECT and COMFORT options. I will never take a COMFORT ride, especially a long ride, because I don't want people thinking that they can get a Benz for a lower price. Plus I don't want to get screwed for making so much less than I would make on a SELECT ride, especially for...
  15. J

    Is everyone a 5 star driver

    HHMMM, that was a typo actually. 4.97 on Uber. My bad! ? ? ?
  16. J

    A new low -- Uber took 100% off my fare?

    LOL! Gotta prop up that sagging stock price! ? ?
  17. J

    Is everyone a 5 star driver

    I do too, I think I have always had 5 stars on Lyft. Of course, I have 4.7 on Uber which is not bad either but I'm sure I must have pissed off a rider or two at some point on Lyft. I was actually wondering about that a while back.
  18. J

    A new low -- Uber took 100% off my fare?

    OK, I'll give it til tomorrow then. I just figured I hit rock bottom with Uber! ?
  19. J

    A new low -- Uber took 100% off my fare?

    So has this happened to anyone before and is there anybody i can call about this? I can't find any way to contact uber on my app. I picked up a passenger on my way home from work, then nothing. Uber didn't even give me a pro point for this trip!?