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  1. josephnet

    What if there's no place to park the car nearby?

    Sometimes, either in the pick-up or the drop-off leg, there's no place you could stop the car (let alone park it!); especially in the city where you have to turn around yourself for ages before you can seize a place. What would you do? Would you thrust your car in a drive way or an private...
  2. josephnet

    What if the customer is in a block of apartments?

    Sometimes the address is a unit inside a mult-storey block of apartments (probably in the 8'th floor. Am I supposed to ask the customer to come down to the main entry when it's said "deliver to the door"?
  3. josephnet

    UberEats' algorithm: first day VS other days

    I'm not going to be super suspicious; but before I joined UberEats as a driver, I was told Uber's algorithm assigns much more tasks to drivers on their very first day of work to encourage them to stay in. At the time I didn't pay attention to those conspiracy theories until I joined myself. I...