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    No ride requests at closing time

    Both Friday and Saturday night the closing time surge was huge. I stopped receiving requests. One driver I know for sure was having the same issue at dos Equis. Uber did not acknowledge the issue. Anyone else have a hard time getting requests? Friday and Saturday bar closing.
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    Uber'n out of state.

    As a Dallas based lyft and uber driver, I know I can drive in any Texas cities and Oklahoma. But finding other locations where I can access the app is more difficult than I thought. And why even bother with support. I remember seeing a map a while back of the areas outside of Texas we can...
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    Suspended... You think they got the message?

    Spoiler: they did, finally. well maybe. pending.
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    Lyft crashing on iPhone?

    iphone 8+. Accept ping and app freezes. So ride is auto cancelled when this happens. Which is frequent. Any word on this from other iPhoners?