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  1. Green_horn69

    Some drivers have passengers at airport waiting.

    Why do some of the drivers have extra passengers in their cars while waiting at the Philadelphia airport? I would ask them but maybe what their doing is against the rules.
  2. Green_horn69

    Best places to start driving in the Norristown or Philly area?

    What's happenin folks. I am planning to be near the Philadelphia area this weekend 03/11/17 where should I start off at for the best early morning Ubur/Lyft shift. I normally drive in Lancaster at the night shift. I appreciate all help:cool:.
  3. Green_horn69

    My new idea for tips and better ratings.

    :)Hay guys as a new driver I figure I'll make my mistakes now while I'm new. My idea is seeded by the tips about putting a sign behind my seat asking the (paxs ?) to tip/rate. My method is like that except on CRACK. First I have custom seat covers coming in the mail (mostly for me). Second, now...
  4. Green_horn69

    Why is Everyone so mad?

    I'm in lancaster pa and new to ridesharing. I mostly read forum's. I don't usually post because I'm sure what I'm writing has been written already. I'll be as civil as I can and I hope you will too. My question comes from an observation, many people on this forum seem to think that their...