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    No More Airport surge!

    I don't understand Uber. No one at the airport lot, no surge. It will be damn near full and show 2-$4 surge. I was cleaning house a couple weeks ago with the airport surge. Didn't even have to go to lot. Was pinged anywhere near there with decent surge. Is it worth the hassle at the airport with...
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    Lyft weekly ride challenge gone?

    Hey guys I've been driving a couple years but took some time off recently. I noticed Lyft doesn't have weekly bonuses anymore. Is this for everyone? Or do I need to drive more? I've got 1200 trips with them. And ubers quests suck lately.
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    Decent Night last night

    Stayed pretty busy yesterday. It's been such a grind lately for me. This was a nice day. No crazy passengers. Everyone was pleasant. Days like this are why I used to like doing this. Stay safe
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    Unable to go online..

    Can't sign on to the app. No complaints on account. Called uber...no help. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Rideshare insurance

    Does anyone know what companies(if any) offer rideshare only insurance? I have progressive for my personal and dont want to switch but they dont have rideshare insurance in Nevada.