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  1. Normanite

    Not that kinda girl

    Lol, have you or anyone else returned trash?
  2. Normanite

    Not that kinda girl

    I won’t go into the whole ride, which was garbage in and of itself (stuck in traffic with two complete scumbags with competing itunes playlists + McDonalds) but at one point I heard the horrendously ugly one say, “he wanna f___ me”. At this juncture she proceeded to play a video sent to her by...
  3. Normanite

    Fares you didn’t pick up

    I don’t blame you for not taking it. I don’t know about everyone else’s markets but in mine fast food workers can be pr*cks. They’re usually broke so a lot of them 1* trying to get a free ride. They also tend to be the kind of people who think it’s amusing watching you try to locate their...
  4. Normanite

    Separate but equal

    Thanks, Travis.
  5. Normanite

    Sunday morning crack heads

    Who gives out their real number to weirdos?
  6. Normanite

    Weirdest names that pax use

    The best one was . Just that. A period. Pic was of a chubby teenager peeking out from behind a laptop. He didn’t get picked up.
  7. Normanite

    Why do so many ants avoid driving at night?

    Okay, shill.
  8. Normanite


    I direct all pax to sit in the back. I have a sign on the back of the front passenger seat that reads: “No fast food stops No extra stops” This has put an end to navigation flags. Also spells things out for low IQ pax.
  9. Normanite

    Is it okay to charge for water and mints?

    I like this idea. Thanks!
  10. Normanite

    Uber will be white washed

    I’ve never had a big issue with Indians overall. I do find it strange that when you greet Indian (South Asian) women over 30 like you would any other pax they all say, “WHAAAT?!?!”
  11. Normanite

    Is it okay to charge for water and mints?

    I used to give out candy, in part for tips and in part just to put pax in a good mood. One pax got candy all over the seat (Nerds) and a second nearly choked by knocking back the whole thing all at once. That was the end of candy time. The fact that I didn’t notice a bump in tips doomed this...
  12. Normanite

    I Should Have Listened To You Guys

    This is why I blocked Lyft’s number. Never got a decent call from a Lyft pax, just complete goobers wanting to know where I am. As for the rest, unless it’s a gate code or specific mall entrance, something I can actually USE, they get hung up on and canceled.
  13. Normanite

    I'm going to need help with my mom and her walker

    “Handi-capable” pax are some of the worst. Consistently. I’m surprised you actually got that many stars.
  14. Normanite

    Complaints and 1 star ratings

    It’s going to happen. Did you ever see that flyer making the rounds on social media titled “put your uber/lyft driver on blast”? It goes on to list the various fictional complaints that will result in a refund.
  15. Normanite

    Destination Filters

    I’ve had better luck with Uber’s than Lyft’s in terms of number of pings and actually heading in the direction of the filter.
  16. Normanite

    Pick Up and Destination - Same Address

    Lyft used to let riders send a ping without specifying a destination. Had a guy who wanted to go down the block for Stop 1 but didn’t want to enter the address. “It’s just right there” “Okay, you have to enter it in the app” “But it’s just right there” “If you’d like I can enter it” Entered stop...
  17. Normanite

    Would you pick up "Deez Nuts?"

    That explains the perfect Lyft rating
  18. Normanite

    Would you pick up "Deez Nuts?"

    Post screencaps
  19. Normanite

    Uber drivers are trash

    Because he won’t tip? 1560285933
  20. Normanite

    Would you pick up "Deez Nuts?"

    I declined a ping from “.” A few months ago. 1560282082 Out of curiosity, what’s your rating?