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    Anti ab5 Petitions signature gatherers

    Saw one outside target. As soon as AB5 is squashed by the voters all this "info" we are all so happy about is going to go away
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    01/10/2020 9:00pm Cashout button not working

    Anyone else having trouble cashing out? I hit the button but nothing happens
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    Airport pin.

    So will uber get rid of this now? Seems to go against their IC argument?
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    Uber scare tactics to passengers

    Uber sent this out, they are going to spend all year bumming out passengers so they vote againts AB5 in november. Then when ab5 isnt a thing they can take away the new screen we all love. Few more months if driving and im done. Thankgoodness
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    Got the new screen today finally.

    Anyone still not have it?
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    SAN airport attendant told me to put five in my car.

    Dropped off, got a rematch. Family of five trying to give me their code, attendent asked "they will fit right?"
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    Uber NYE quest

    This is what i got offered. Staying home.
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    Uber new years eve quest.

    This is what i got offered. Going to stay home. 3
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    HAIL Satan !

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    Can i submit my lyfy vehicle inspection to uber?

    Any one done it?
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    Is cancel still five minutes?

    Had a cancel, waited five minutes but no fee. How do i make a request for uber to review it? When i go to help and select should have got a cancel fee, i have to select a trip, but the trip doesnt show up cause i canceled it. Is it still five minutes?
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    Millennium falcon looking surge.

    Lousy surge
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    Does jiffy lube charge for lyft inspection? What about pepboys?

    Does jiffy lube charge for lyft inspection? What about pepboys?
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    Cant hear pax when they call on ob uber app.

    Has this happened to anyone? If so how did you fix it?
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    Uber kiosk at parkway plaza.

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    Two bird scooters on the 163

    Saw a cop pull over two guys riding bird scootets on the 163 north. Between robinson and the 8 frwy.
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    Lyft airport. Is this new?

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    Did anybody have to re upload their vehicle registration today?

    Mine expires in october, but asked me to re upload today
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    3.4 rating

    Is she a terrible person? Only had one or two rides? Just has bad luck with grumpy drivers? Ill never know cause i didnt take it.