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  1. Solo1

    New App Update Download Trouble

    I had the EXACT same experience this morning ... But, seven I went into my calender it would not show my availability good this month ... And I couldn't do anything for the month of November ... It's like the calendar is frozen .
  2. Solo1

    SEATTLE Area Amazon Drivers

    Yeah ... I only do packages when I do go out ... I like to stay on the south end, so I can't wait to see what Renton will have to offer.
  3. Solo1

    SEATTLE Area Amazon Drivers

    Renton is rolling out slower than expected, but check out the pics I attached.
  4. Solo1

    SEATTLE Area Amazon Drivers

    You've been lurking in these forums way too long ... Our market is saturated with work ... .com has five warehouses to choose from all within 20 miles of the Seattle radius ... Georgetown, North Seattle, Everett, Bellevue and Renton.
  5. Solo1

    Just registered in Flex. Never seen blocks in two weeks. Renton, WA.

    Bellevue, Everett, Georgetown, and North Seattle are all tied together. I was Kent until they closed down and as of this morning I was able to take blocks at all the above stations ... I asked to be relocated to Renton and within 4 hours was granted my request ... I went back into flex and all...
  6. Solo1

    Bigger Vehicle? Get 6hr-8hr Blocks

    Lol ... I'm here ... Always have been ... Like we all know ... This is a gig to earn additional money for whatever ... I own a business that pays my life, but when my wife said I can't get that new xbox , I gig it ... When I want that drone, I gig it ... Another thing is they shut down Kent and...
  7. Solo1

    The next iteration of Flex

    What makes you believe it's a new iteration of Flex ... I didn't read the Flex program was involved at all ... FLEX seems to be getting flexed out.
  8. Solo1

    UberEats and Apartment Complexes

    As a customer, how do I get a driver to come into my small 40 unit condo ... It's L shaped straight to the back on the first floor?
  9. Solo1

    Lawsuit! Get in if you can or want

    I don't get it ... Stop b!tchen ... If you don't like the gig ... Go elsewhere ... Amazon doesn't owe you anything ... You knew you were contact from the start .
  10. Solo1


    Hey Shangsta ... You deliver logistics out of Kent right ? It's been a couple of months since I delivered but when I did, I would load avg 40 pax per 4hr block at 8 am and was done by 2-2.5 hrs ... That was consistent for four months until I stopped ... What are the avg count now per 4hr block...
  11. Solo1

    Is It Possible to Setup Availability for Certain Date

    Just leave everything as is and just go on your camping trip ... You don't have to accept any reserved blocks ... Accept your blocks when you are ready again.
  12. Solo1

    Should Amazon fix the issue of people reselling their jobs for hundreds of dollars?

    While all these people are b!tch!n and moanin about Amazon not doing this and not doing that ... They have Amazon figured out ... Why are they doing this, that, or the other ... Amazon is sitting in a cave figuring their own delivery work force ... They are systematically cutting third parties...
  13. Solo1

    Bigger Vehicle? Get 6hr-8hr Blocks

    Elaborate please.
  14. Solo1

    Bigger Vehicle? Get 6hr-8hr Blocks

    Remember you can take until 9pm to deliver, do if you want to stop for an hour or so, it's up to you ... I would try it out just so you know you have that eight hrs in ... Not wasting time fishing.
  15. Solo1

    Bigger Vehicle? Get 6hr-8hr Blocks

    No one said anything about a full time gig ... The thread is about longer blocks .
  16. Solo1

    Make Your Own Fast Amazon Flex Block Grabber - Step by Step

    Not that they couldn't care less ... They just know and not worth it to them ... Nature sorts it all out.
  17. Solo1

    Bigger Vehicle? Get 6hr-8hr Blocks

    I thought this was very interesting .... If I could deliver in a van to get an 8 hr block, I would try it out ... Especially if it was a reserved offer.
  18. Solo1

    Make Your Own Fast Amazon Flex Block Grabber - Step by Step

    IMHO ... I find it ironic that you decide to play outside the lines of what you think Amazon wants by using bots ... But you try to shame those who one ups your game by playing even further outside the lines ... Do you and let them do them ... Everyone's situation is different.
  19. Solo1

    Make Your Own Fast Amazon Flex Block Grabber - Step by Step

    Looks like this thread is bringing in ALOT of new members ... I'm grateful I do not need to go to this extent to get paid .
  20. Solo1

    SEATTLE Area Amazon Drivers

    I guess it's confirmed ... I got this vague ass email this morning ... It doesn't say where, what area it delivers to, or anything beneficial to us. “Hello, Thank you for contacting Amazon Flex. Your Delivery Station, Kent, IS RELOCATING on August 15, 2017. If for any reason you are not...