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  1. suland

    Ultimate guide: how to trick the FIFO queue system (XL,LUX,SUV)

    This trick was here for years, but after late app update with the possibility to change the service without going offline made it much easier to use. 1. Get closer to the FIFO zone, but don’t get into it. 2. Turn on all 4 services (X,XL,LUX,SUV), or those that you have with X. 3. Go online...
  2. suland

    FLL queue jumps after recent app changes

    Hi guys. After last week app change, we can finally see the LUX and XL queue position numbers. But what is going on with queue jumps? Came into there, registered as #20 on XL. After 2 hours it showed #5. Then within next hour it became #1. And then? #6 again! What is it? I can understand the...
  3. suland

    How to get 5 stars rating - tutorial

    Looks legit, have fun! :)
  4. suland

    Google Takes on Uber With New Ride-Share Service

    http://www.wsj.com/articles/google-takes-on-uber-with-new-ride-share-service-1472584235 There we go, people! Good or bad? Would you drive for Uber/Lyft or Google?
  5. suland

    ALERT - Uber drivers rig the queue system in FLL and MIA

    Ever had consistent pings from the same "rider" in the airport area? I bet you did, especially if on SUV platform. It appears, that those "fake" daily pings are from the drivers (with their rider's accounts) in the FLL area. If they call once and then cancel, you are not the first in the queue...
  6. suland

    Picked up Dr. Conrad Murray today...

    Well, there were talks about MJ, his (DR's) innocence in death of MJ and more about life. Have you had any notable riders on your back seat?
  7. suland

    So far, what do we have for the 09.01 BC Commissioners meeting...

    As we all know, on September 1, 2015, the BC Commissioners are set to let Uber go with some newest rules on TNC. Here is the direct link with the details (paragraphs 38,39,40) for those who are interested...
  8. suland

    Tappxi is trying to get rid of Uber in Broward

  9. suland

    How to get ONE-star rating: practical guide for riders

    *Edited to reflect user comments After making decent amount of trips, I can point out the number of things riders can do to disrespect themselves and get the lowest rating possible. Let the list begin... 1. Get in the car with food on a plate, start eating it, don't ask the driver for the...
  10. suland

    Use Scrollit App to get your rider from the crowd!

    I've had some trouble getting the correct rider from the crowd of uber-waiting riders near the crowded bar or restaurant. One of the riders suggested to use the app Scrollit to call your rider visually. It really worked! Just use it and your driver's cool-factor will improve too!
  11. suland

    How come Uber does not differentiate Prius and PriusV?

    Hi everyone! I am wondering why? Prius V is a lot better option for riders. When they get inside my V - they are like, wow! That's not just a Prius! Leg room is fantastic, seats are wider, ride comfier. Please tell Uber to make a notice.