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  1. jkelton9

    why did this happen?

    I picked up a guy with car trouble,and gave him a ride to a hardware store to pick up a tool to make the repair. I told him I would sit in the parking lot and wait,but if I got another ping I would take it. In this small town this place was as good as any to wait for the next ping. I did not...
  2. jkelton9

    Rider cancelled,app continued navigating

    Yesterday I got a ping and started heading that direction,then got notice that the rider cancelled. The app still was navigating,so I thought the cancel notice was some sort of glitch. Got to the pick up spot and no rider around. The app would not let me text or call the rider. A total waste of...
  3. jkelton9

    Airport Queue

    If one is sitting in the BLI airport queue, are you blocked from getting pings from outside the queue area?
  4. jkelton9

    Anyone out there that uses this forum?

    I've been at this for about two months now and have not yet crossed paths with any other Uber/Lyft drivers in or around Bellingham. I think it would be great to connect and compare notes about working in Bellingham. Maybe the rest of you don't feel that way?
  5. jkelton9


    Hi Folks, I started driving in March, did 10-12 trips, then went away for my summer job from May to September. I plan on doing this part time all winter, then back out of state again next summer. So far I have not crossed paths with any other drivers. I'm wondering how the driver's get along...