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  1. Uberyouber

    Is the IRM big timing us ?

    Our beloved Knight of Nobility. Conqueror of theCrescent (hotel). The Riverfront Raider has been spending a lot of time on the national threads. Here's a post that the Deacon of the Design District posted the other day... something to think about while you're gnawing on your QT hot dog and...
  2. Uberyouber

    So a Lyft driver kills a girl in Dallas... Nobody? Nothing?

    https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/08/23/accused-killer-glen-richter-lyft-driver/ And it doesn't even get a mention..
  3. Uberyouber

    Is anybody doing Doordash? I plan on killing it !!!

    Big Money Big Time !
  4. Uberyouber

    This made me laugh!

    I got a request from PrymeBar the other night The pax name was Champion with a 4.52 Rating. Sorry Cat Daddy I just had to cancel...
  5. Uberyouber

    Pickup premuim possible ???

    For some Ungodly reason I woke up early this morning. It's raining but I figured anyway I can stick it the some Paxs with some surge rides this morning. its at 2.2X and I get the request BUT app doesn't give me the surge amount, it just says "pickup premium possible. what the deal ???
  6. Uberyouber

    I need to rent a car for a couple of weeks

    Something I can Uber in to offset the cost. Can you still rent from Hertz? Also seen Hyrecar.com. Just wondering if anybody is doing this. Or knows something about it. Thanks! and Happy Thanksgivings and the Cowboys suck...
  7. Uberyouber

    Oaktopia! Deep Ellum.

    Should be great Surges. GOOD Luck actually finding your pax...
  8. Uberyouber

    Has any one gotten a cancellation fee Lately ???

    Yesterday I didn't see the count down timer. hmmm... this would greatly reduces my 7 minute and mile 2 pick up range limit. I depend on cancellations for lunch money.
  9. Uberyouber

    One more reason to stay away from AT&T !

    Look at this B.S. useless there is a mass shooting at traders village. Not buying it.Nice try Uber. Keep the 180 days of change going. smh...
  10. Uberyouber


  11. Uberyouber

    Uber DFW Pass. What the hell?

    I read the fine print. But couldn't find how we are getting screwed. Why even tell us if it's not effecting our pay?
  12. Uberyouber

    68 cents a mile or 63.25 cents ??? my math Suck.

    Some people are at 20% and others are at 25%. I know Uber is screwing me I just wanna know how hard.
  13. Uberyouber

    Uber eats $4.99 booking charge.

    O.k. download the app. My total was 13.35. Plus 4.99 booking fee. No mileage charge. (Or tip) So what does the driver make. Something sucks and it doesnt add up. And do you have to bring it to the door because if you do, I'm going to start using it just to ruin somebody's day :)
  14. Uberyouber

    2 minute timer? Can we still get a cancelation Fee?

    I've been trying to wait 5 minutes but the bastards keep showing up... Any info?
  15. Uberyouber

    Another boost scam! 3 a.m. deliveries ??

    1.6x boost 12:30 - 3:00 Delivery Trips Only??? B.s.! I'm going home...
  16. Uberyouber

    Are people starting to tip More ???

    IDK if it's my charming personality or good looks or Both. But, in the past week and half I have gotten four $5 tips, and a few $3 dollar tips and a couple of $1. Just asking if anyone else is seeing and increase in tipping?