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  1. Redhurricane

    Getting ubered!

    With each dollar they steal from me I grow angrier. How much longer can you afford to get ubered without lube or eye contact?
  2. Redhurricane

    For all those considering doing this gig

    I present exhibit A and B. Only one was adjusted.
  3. Redhurricane


    Anyone else here ride a motorcycle? Not for uber obviously.
  4. Redhurricane

    Windshield Replacement - cheap contacts?

    hey guys. Does anyone here know or can help with a somewhat inexpensive windshield replacement place/contact? My deductible is too high and it's not worth it go to through insurance.
  5. Redhurricane

    Surge Glitch

    Uber glitches at it again.
  6. Redhurricane

    Snow storm and no surge?! WTF

    No where in all of GTA. Guess their "algorithm" isn't working haha
  7. Redhurricane

    Contacting uber for Support

    Is there a way to contact uber support other than through the app? The app's options don't always cover the needs we have. And I've noticed the [email protected] email doesn't work anymore. Does anyone know? Thank you!
  8. Redhurricane

    Navigation System

    Hey guys and girls, New to this forum. Wanted to get your opinion on the new update. Seems like uber constantly keeps updating its app and now I can't use Waze for directions anymore. Not automatically at least. I do NOT want to be stopped for using my device while driving and Waze is so much...