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  1. Uber_Jay2

    Pay Delayed... 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    I got a tip and can't even send a thank you!
  2. Uber_Jay2

    Pay Delayed... 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Yeah it's happening here
  3. Uber_Jay2

    Thank you for tip to passenger button

    I'm doing this as we speak! I AGREE THIS IS ACTUALLY A GREAT FEATURE THAT WE CAN SAY THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY TIPPING 1575610166 I think he's talking about the passengers I get very few. I'll tip you in the app and never do. It is nice to send a reminder, at the same time I see where you're...
  4. Uber_Jay2

    Passenger code

    I see the riders now already saying my phone died i don't have my code 🙄 mean while 🚔 say move it... Here we go. Not all markets this will work good in. It appears the rider will have to enable it? I don't know. They half tell anything now a days
  5. Uber_Jay2

    5* Star Ratings

    Question answered
  6. Uber_Jay2

    5* Star Ratings

    Thank you 1575260802 Because I can ask? I came on and I been UberPro didn't even know what this was. Wasn't this way when it launched. That's what the forum is for. And again thank you for the people who actually answer questions. 1575260895 Thanks for that information
  7. Uber_Jay2

    5* Star Ratings

    I just come back on this app and it seems low ratings update. I take screen shots when I physically seen ppl give me 5 stars yet it doesn't update in the app 🤔🧐. Then this random 1 star comes in. It's funny cuz I got a new achievement on how many 5 stars I got just recently yet the last 500...
  8. Uber_Jay2

    Do you think someone’s looks play into tips?

    Personality and/or looks play a part. I can get people to open up by just asking music preference some don't wanna chat they just want a ride. You can sense the energy. Ask simple questions. Most people don't even know they can open the app. While on a trip to learn a little about you. I found...
  9. Uber_Jay2

    I only rate 5s or 1s. Period.

    I strongly believe that they would do such a thing.
  10. Uber_Jay2

    Unjustly deactivated after almost 4 years ( had a 4.88 rating ) of driving for not taking a NON service dog & a 4.88 rating

    You need to short and to the point. If you started the trip and/or cancel before started then you realize they have an animal. Simply follow this: Ask the pax is that their service animal. (No identifying tags are required) Pax Answer is Yes - No more questions take the trip. You aren't legally...
  11. Uber_Jay2

    I only rate 5s or 1s. Period.

    I strongly believe that if you don't give the reason why you gave a 1 in their reasoning believe they don't count it. I'm not sure if it's just my region because I got 1 star days later. Unless I actually put them as rude then will they disconnect. I do like Lyft's rating system but im not a...
  12. Uber_Jay2

    If my rating drops to 4.84 will I immediately stop seeing direction/duration of a ride?

    4.84 is not low for a driver. It really does depend how long you been on the app, also where you drive. I drove in multiple places. My ratings went down versus other places. Some people flat out tell me thank god I don't have an accent. My rating has always been high. I chose to do a major city...
  13. Uber_Jay2

    Taxi Mode in Waze App

    It has nothing to do with distance or trips. When you use Waze taxi mode it operates according to your city, in Waze that section seems to be marked as walking paths rather than drivable roads, though.. For example it seemed to block at certain times during the day that taxi/commercial vehicles...
  14. Uber_Jay2

    Airport queue

    I guess I shouldn't complain when my queue is 6-10. Then a plane comes don't let more than one come the parking lot gets empty
  15. Uber_Jay2

    Lyft surge

    I saw Lyft Surge on Saturday night my jaw dropped
  16. Uber_Jay2


    I got two diff one was 460 something and the other was $94.00 Anymore checks coming?! LOL
  17. Uber_Jay2

    Lyft surge

    I never thought of the work expense. And I just noticed this Uber Pro stuff. Has anyone utilized it and how it is in our region?
  18. Uber_Jay2

    DD Referral/New sign up bonus

    Yeah both of you get a bonus after so many trips depends on the market area of the amount
  19. Uber_Jay2


    Thank you.
  20. Uber_Jay2


    When they are new to the market. It's hard to get help. It was busy but now it's slow. I'm so confused. I try to reach out and they don't respond. They don't have a number like anyone else?