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  1. Funkeetooown

    AB5 1 step closer.

    As opposed to you food stampers clogging the streets?
  2. Funkeetooown

    AB5 1 step closer.

    1568231230 Bruh, that is 100% not the point. I don't want to be an Uber employee either, I already have a full time job and I like that if I need $250 I can go out and work a Saturday or Sunday and be good. My issue is with a ballot initiative deciding my status. I am not OK with Joe...
  3. Funkeetooown

    AB5 1 step closer.

    My favorite part about this is that U/L is going to attempt a ballot initiative in CA to exempt rideshare folks. When the general public is allowed to vote on the working conditions of rideshare drivers, capitalism has officially jumped the shark. Make Aristocrats Guillotined Again
  4. Funkeetooown

    Slow week? No Problem.

    OMG that's brutal. I guess whatever it takes to keep the lights on.
  5. Funkeetooown

    The rider app not letting them tip?

    Another snowflake melts in the August heat.
  6. Funkeetooown

    The rider app not letting them tip?

    I believe it, I consistently get tipped at anywhere between 10-20% of my fares (according to some ppl here b/c I have boobs) but I haven't gotten a single tip on 40 rides since Saturday. The only tips that have come in have been delayed tips from the previous week.
  7. Funkeetooown

    First time in the pitttt

    $42 to river north for an hour and fifteen minutes of my time. Never again.
  8. Funkeetooown

    First time in the pitttt

    Ooof, here comes the poor bastard that has to clean the porta potties. 1565735283 I give the spankings! 1565735306 At this point am I pot committed? 1565735705 6-10 now
  9. Funkeetooown

    First time in the pitttt

    Yep, the app showed 1-5 X cars in the queue when I pulled in, now it says 41-45. 1565735067 Down to 11-15. Progress!
  10. Funkeetooown

    First time in the pitttt

    Literally nobody is leaving. Must be a lull in flights.
  11. Funkeetooown

    First time in the pitttt

    I said I'd never do it, but there was a $19 surge at MDW and it's 5 minutes from work. Now it's not moving at all. Is uber going to prioritize people with a lower surge sticky over me? I'm still 16-20 cars behind after 15 minutes. Should I just book it? This is dumb. 1565734399 There's a...
  12. Funkeetooown

    Had me a Carlos day!

  13. Funkeetooown

    If you really wanna protest, here’s how...

    You literally have an eight year old's understanding of Marxism.
  14. Funkeetooown

    If you really wanna protest, here’s how...

    You are a lib you dink. Leftists are not liberals, stop equating the two. Bernie is not a socialist, AOC is not a socialist, they are social democrats. Social democrats want to prop up capitalism by making it "more friendly" and increasing the welfare state. Real socialists want to eliminate...
  15. Funkeetooown

    Is this the Sign of the Titanic(Uber Driving Opportunity) about to Sink?

    I got $5.90 this week, too. As far as the original question; this week has been horribly slow apart from Monday, and I only think that Monday was busy because of all the cancelled flights from Sunday. My guess is it has something to do with Easter this week. There isn't a lot of traffic on...
  16. Funkeetooown

    Stuff you see driving graveyard

    McFly, why don't you make like a tree and get outta here?
  17. Funkeetooown

    Lightfoot to tax suburban rideshare drivers... how much? Post your guess or inside info here!

    Oh jeez, I voted for her because she's gay and lives in my neighborhood, I didn't even know about the tax on burbs drivers. I'll make sure to vote for her twice in the runoff, I'll throw in a third vote if she can even further increase the tax on out of state drivers.
  18. Funkeetooown

    Pulled 50 feet away to pick up rider. Rider wrote into Uber

    My CS bonus this morning was $6.50, yours couldn't have been much higher. Why are you accepting pools?
  19. Funkeetooown

    Poll: Between Friday and Saturday which day did you make more?

    Drove for the first time since the first week of December on Saturday. Not terrible, not great. A ton of short, surged trips, I used less than half a tank of gas in almost 10 hours.
  20. Funkeetooown

    Weekend Demand?

    You know the "Big Game" (don't want to get sued) isn't until next weekend, right hoss?