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  1. Dr_Son

    EZ-Pass - Green pass for Hybrid Vehilces

    Citation of source please. I am dying to use the HOV +3 lane in statin island also, per NYC "green pass sticker program", they only allow it on the L_I_E... and NJ residents are not allowed to get the NY Green sticker. :(
  2. Dr_Son

    One EZ-Pass for NJ and One EZ-Pass for NY

    Stick with the green pass for all you NJ tolls, and get a "port authority one" (got mine at the verrizano bridge) to get the NY tag discount IN NY... good think about the port authority one... no monthly maintenance fee also.
  3. Dr_Son

    NJ/NY EZ-Pass Toll Discounts

    Cash= $14.00 EZ-Pass Peak= $11.75 EZ-Pass Non-Peak= $9.75 Toyota Prius Green Pass Discount= $6.25 Where did you come up with the $6.25 rate? i have a green pass, and it comes up the $11.75/9.75 rate. Seems also it picks and chooses for me on the turnpike.. Maybe i should make a call....
  4. Dr_Son

    Where is NJDRIVER ??

    The shore has been dead.. thinking about moving up towards new brunswick again..... Rates just aren't enough over there...
  5. Dr_Son

    Just received my two week deactivation notice email...

    stay active.. ping yourself.... whats the rate btw for you in Iowa? in jersey it varies from $1.10 a mile to $2
  6. Dr_Son

    Can UBER afford lower prices than now?

    Source of this information?
  7. Dr_Son


    My tip Ratio is aprox... for every $25/35 in uber fair.. I get about $1 in tips... so tips are not enough but a sandwich a wawa at the end of the night.
  8. Dr_Son

    UBER TXT MSG 9/11

    It was good while it lasted....
  9. Dr_Son

    What kind of car is everyone driving?

    2015 Accord Hybrid 41/52 mpg
  10. Dr_Son

    Important Newark Airport Update as of 8/29

    F - UPS i drove for them for 2 years... all i got was 2 casual periods, 9 months of headaches, and endless promises ..
  11. Dr_Son

    Does a Honda Civic 2012 EX qualify for uber x?

    thats not his question guys... Yes to your honda question, so long as ..... it's a 4 door, and in excellent mechanical condition. you have 6/7 years of uber allowed left with that vehicle.
  12. Dr_Son

    Average Daily & Weekly

    I did have a 21 yr old from upper saddle river "rent me" for 4 hrs.. took me to 2 of her friends houses, mcdonalds drive through, cruise around.. i forget the mileage, but the fair was about $135.
  13. Dr_Son

    Earnings vs expenses my experience

    Just saw Diesel at Citgo in Lakewood, NJ for $1.99 Cash/credit... Regular was also $1.99 Wawa was $2.03
  14. Dr_Son


    Also to note..... I'm getting complaints, in the jersey shore area, that the Uber partner populous is becoming foreign speaking undesirables. (trying to keep it politically correct..) And more so recently creepy "senior men," are deferring our female clients from what was considered a safe and...
  15. Dr_Son


    Im seeing more and more NY plated cars in shore area... if the sudden influx of new drivers didn't kill surge enough.
  16. Dr_Son

    Congratulations Newbies,You destroyed the Surge!

    Jersey Shore pings this past weekend were a joke.. barely anything worth mentioning.. the $2 a mile keeps me driving ...
  17. Dr_Son

    Smoking CIGARETTES in the Car..

    My first response when i pick up a client and they have a newly lit, or 1/2 cigarette is... "Jump in, you can smoke in here.." There response is.. "really? i can smoke in an uber?" I usually respond with.. "You can smoke in my car, but if you burn anything i'll kill you.." Now clearly the...
  18. Dr_Son

    Any "actual" NJ drivers left in Bergen county?

    I drive in Bergen county, north of paramus when i visit my mother.. :)
  19. Dr_Son

    How To Make Your Rating Better

    I get TONS of compliments on my scent.. mind you i shower daily... and wear deodorant.. Febreeze Gain scented car clips... Mind you i smoke in my car. a lot... but 90% of the time i drive around with windows and sunroof open under 40 mph.. Amazon has a coupon for 8 clips for 17 and change...
  20. Dr_Son

    What’s your gas of choice?

    i just bought shell with $.40 off a gallon with "fuel rewards.com" They also have "stopandshop" rewards, but groceries are expensive there... i prefer shipwright/wegmans anyways... so if you go to atlantic city.. your gambling can earn you $.10 off a gallon per tier points you reach daily...