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    What does this even mean?

    I try clicking on boosts and arrows show up Wtf does it even mean?
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    At what point do they see the driver?

    When I'm out on delivery for another app, sometimes I want to accept an Uber delivery so I have something lined up. My question is, at what point does the customer actually see where I am on the map? When I accept the delivery or when I pick up the delivery?
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    No promotions available yet?

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    From now on, Wrong address....I keep your food.

    I have this POS who literally never tips.... even leaves the annoying driver notes like "Please ask for extra sauce" blah blah blah. I go see this guy atleast once a week. This week I see his name pop up but a different address about 10 minutes further than the normal one. about 30 seconds...
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    I didnt know what to do..

    I get to the guys house... No answer...call.... He says its the wrong address and leave the food in the pouring rain on the porch. I said..."You want me to leave it in the rain?" He says yeah I'll figure it out tonight... In this case could I have told him to call uber and cancel the order so...
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    Someone at a resteraunt answer this.

    A place in my area said they stopped Uber because if the customer complained about the food, they got their money back. True or false?
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    Uber has become completely unworkable

    So I checked my map... In january there was a period where most boosts were lowered to 1.1 in my area. It sucked but atleast there was flow in orders. Then the orders dried up too. So I started working for other services with Uber during the slow times. Last week, Zero boosts. I did three...
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    Do you guys do anything more than "deliver to door"

    So I was delivering in an area I wasn't used to. It was a dealership. I went in and they said the girls office is upstairs. I went upstairs to her office and dropped it off. She said "Wow no ones ever dropped it off to me like this. Usually they just call and I go downstairs". So I smiled, moved...
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    Guy tries to scam the delivery from me, Then calls me back instead of uber.

    I delivered to an office today. Very clear instructions. Deliver to fourth floor, unit 403. I show up, go to front desk. "Hi I have a delivery for micheal" the girl nods at me. A guy an office yells at her to put it in the kitchen and starts yelling at her in Russian. I mark as delivered...
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    Wheres your delivery bag?

    This burger place yesterday kept asking me "wheres my bag". Kept saying, I don't need a bag or require one from Uber. They kept repeating it. I kept saying same thing. I come home and see theres actually a thumbs down rating from the resto for "Did not have delivery bag". Good ole über.
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    Fees went down?

    I just logged into uber and checked my local restaurant delivery fees. They've gone sharply down. Some by 30%. Anyone else notice this?
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    Driver Notes: I take my coffee with three cream one sugar Thanks

    Do I look like I make coffee? Take your coffee however you ordered it from the place.
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    Rich people suck and never tip.

    I get a ping in a rich area. About 12 minutes away. I get to the house and its gated. I call the customer, no answer... Then off in the distance (thats how long the driveway is).. I see a customer yelling me. Pointing at a door in the gate. Well...We had just had about 8 inches of snow. So...
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    Is a log book necessary?

    Hey guys, In canada is a log book necessary that logs each individual trip, address etc? Or is calculating your daily kilometres enough for the end of the year tax filing?
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    We won't see boosts again... heres why

    This is all a ploy for Uber... Lauch IPO.. but they need to boost profits to show better earnings. What did they do recently? Increase delivery, drop driver pay.
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    A Gutless move in Brampton

    Did an eats delivery to brampton last night. Every time I go to brampton, my guard is up. Its scam central. Go to the door... ring the doorbell. No answer. Then I re-read my cellphone and it says wait in car. Odd.... I call the customer twice. No answer. I call uber support, they try...
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    Cancelled order, Restaurant wanted food back...

    So I show up to do a delivery. No answer at the door.. I call.. No one picks up. For some reason the timer won't launch.I call again and tell her I'm at the door.... she says "Ok ill be there in a sec". I wait another two minutes... Then she texts me saying its the wrong address and at this...
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    What is this "Currently Unavailable" Crap.

    ALL of the restos in my area are "unavailable". Uber wants to launch an IPO and they can't even get their software to work properly.
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    Failed Uber promo

    Have any of you guys noticed ANY spike this week with the new uber promos? I havent noticed anything different and I talked to my local popeyes and they said the same thing.
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    Is there any way to screw with rude resteraunts?

    There's one resto in my area that Is pathetic in how rude they are . I don't want to decline the others because he's rude to every driver and I don't want him getting money because there's no drivers willing to go to him and the other times out . Any thoughts? I'm considering handing out a...