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  1. ste

    Uber Trolls Help Please

    I know im a new member always watched the boards just didnt get into posting. Been driving for a year. Soooo long story short id figured id get involved with the community, now Im being called an Uber Troll. Sorry im not young and sont understand some of the slang can somone define Uber Troll.
  2. ste

    hello kalamazoo

    Just curious, are there many drivers in Kalamazoo and is it very busy?
  3. ste

    Large Surge up to 3x around airport.

    Theres been a large surge for the last 45 minutes in Des Plaines Mt Prospect Elk Grove and Rosemont. other than the lords concert anything else goung on?
  4. ste

    rush hour promo reduced

    Did anyone else see the rush hour promotion went down to $2.00 this week. a 1/3 reduction!
  5. ste

    Overnight Guaranteed Rates

    Has anyone else seen this, its covering up to Wisconsin, 30 Miles west and all the way to Indiana.