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  1. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Separate bathrooms For Employees / Drivers!! LMAO!!

    Sheesh, that was alot. I honestly have no clue, but I imagine the revolving door of drivers isn't helping them. Eats has been a loser for them since it's inception. Yea, we're all well aware they want to replace drivers with autonomous vehicles, but @Alltell77 and I were discussing improving...
  2. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Separate bathrooms For Employees / Drivers!! LMAO!!

    If they wanted to meet in the middle, the first thing they need to do is shave off a decent percentage of their take (at least thats what we would want). At least that wouldn't impact their customer experience. Maybe even eliminate driver support for Eats. It would suck for UE drivers but would...
  3. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Separate bathrooms For Employees / Drivers!! LMAO!!

    Everybody's got germs, theres no explaining the dirty part.
  4. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Separate bathrooms For Employees / Drivers!! LMAO!!

    Erika Betts, the driver who took the photo of the bathrooms, told Motherboard that: "I feel the bathroom division is obscure and uncalled for." Oh there's nothing obscure about it. It's been pretty clear that they don't think much of drivers.
  5. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    UberPeople.net merchandise, now available for purchase

    I would seriously purchase an "I'll tip you in the app" t-shirt.
  6. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Worst pax yet

    Should've locked her window.
  7. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Worst pax yet

    Internet slang dictionary says One True Friend. I assumed a firearm.
  8. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Worst pax yet

    I'd say you handled it fairly well. I probably wouldn't have ran any red lights unless the woman said she was going into labor or if someone is OD-ing in my car (I drive nights, weirdos aplenty). Even if the guy started beating the woman or vice versa, I would stop the car and politely ask them...
  9. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Who runs both apps? Who only runs one?

    I run both, but I seem to get tipped more with Uber vs Lyft. On top of that, it seems like the rides offered are better as well. They probably can tell that drivers are running multiple apps, but I doubt if that affects your prioritization unless you decline and/or cancel a lot of requests.
  10. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    A Los Angeles Lyft driver dragged a passenger out of his car and onto the street

    Didn't see it at first but it definitely looks like she kicked him or tried to kick him.
  11. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Increase your tips

    What do you have against commas and periods?
  12. YourFoodIsGettingCold


    They're definitely repo-ing that casket.
  13. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Adios UE

    I agree for the most part. I can recall telling you before how Uber basically shut me out and I was getting nothing except for maybe one ping per hour and long dropoffs. At one point I was just doing DD and GH and it was great until they cut rates a few months back. I don't think anyone with...
  14. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Adios UE

    That's bs, I've grown really sick of these bait and switch tactics to get drivers on the road. If they want the drivers who will put up with these shenanigans, let them have em. As @uberboy1212 stated the best way to get back at them is to switch to the competition.
  15. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    Adios UE

    I quit 3 months ago, never been happier.
  16. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    The 10 Commandments (of ride share drivers)

    Thou not flick boogers out the window or onto thy floor when pax are not looking; I mean thou shalt not turn off thy dash cam.
  17. YourFoodIsGettingCold

    What's to stop me

    Sure until the cover-up goes into effect.
  18. YourFoodIsGettingCold


    Oooh sounds adventurous!
  19. YourFoodIsGettingCold


    Its pretty clear to me, but change the "e" to an "o" and its pretty clear to most. How many did you already print? Lol