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  1. heynow321

    Even self-driving leader Waymo is struggling to reach full autonomy

    https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/12/waymos-lame-public-driverless-launch-not-driverless-and-barely-public/ The Wednesday rollout of Waymo One, Waymo's commercial self-driving taxi service, falls far short of expectations the company itself set earlier in the year. In late September, a Waymo...
  2. heynow321

    reduced rates on destination rides

    it's being reported all around that you will get a reduced rate while in "destination mode". Not even I could imagine something as sleazy as that. The time to get out of "rideshare" was yesteryear.
  3. heynow321

    gryft's S-1 to go public

    I'll be spending the majority of non-working hours going through this document looking for pertinent information (i'll add it as I find it) and, as people who rely on these fraudsters for income, I suggest you do the same. Per the snip below, they're trying to claim to be an "emerging growth...
  4. heynow321

    standard deduction vs. actual expenses

    for 2018 I finally decided to take rideshare seriously and track all miles driven for business purposes as well as expenses via the Intuit self employed app. In summation, my business miles were 30,478 with quickbooks claiming the standard mileage deduction would be $16,661. I need to go...
  5. heynow321

    losses persist and revenue growth slows

    As the boys over at naked capitalism have been predicting for quite some time, boobers incredibly flawed and unsustainable model is still hemorrhaging cash. slowing growth (what major developed market is boober currently not operating in or hasn't gotten their asses kicked?) and persistent...
  6. heynow321

    uber is headed for a crash

    Looks like some are finally waking up to the scam that is boober. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/12/will-uber-survive-the-next-decade.html By steamrolling local taxi operations in cities all over the world and cultivating cheerleaders in the business press and among Silicon Valley...
  7. heynow321

    sub prime autos

    can't link to the WSJ story b/c pay wall. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-03/it-feels-2006-subprime-auto-loan-issuance-soars-amid-record-investor-interest TLDR: The same mistakes of the past are being repeated with sub prime auto loans being the cancer that is spreading throughout the...
  8. heynow321

    Sdcs still can’t handle rain

    http://www.autonews.com/article/20181130/MOBILITY/181139992/self-driving-weather-michigan-state-study?X-IgnoreUserAgent=1 As we already know,sdcs can’t handle rain or other crappy weather whatsoever.
  9. heynow321

    5% primetime

    Anyone else getting this crap? I’ve had a 10% and 5% now on a lux and black respectively. Of course the home screen said 25% as the minimum. Looks like another slap in the face from gryft
  10. heynow321

    saccharine lyft BS from 2015

    cleaning out my old car and came across this garbage from 2015 when I signed up. Is gryft still handing this crap out? makes me want to vomit lol
  11. heynow321

    losses grow and bookings slow

    For anyone who hasn't read Naked Capitalism's multiple part series about boobers entirely unsustainable business model, it's a great read. Boober will not do well during a recession. The first thing people will stop doing is paying $5 to have their $8 burrito delivered. Keep in mind we're also...
  12. heynow321

    Waymo CEO: Autonomous cars won't ever be able to drive in all conditions

    Bad news greg, your boy is crushing your dreams. Just like in 1999/2000, that moment when reality hits sci fi geeks with overactive imaginations ("tech" workers) is always painful...
  13. heynow321

    Self driving vehicles could lead to 'mobile brothels' that drive to client's houses

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6364075/Self-driving-vehicles-lead-mobile-brothels-drive-clients-houses.html?ITO=applenews Self driving cars are set to have a huge effect on commuters - but will also dramatically change other businesses, a new report has warned. Academics from...
  14. heynow321

    Long trip notification

    anyone still seeing these? I’ve had two 50+ minute trips now with no notification.
  15. heynow321

    Autonomous Vehicles Face Existential Question of Safety vs. Speed

    https://cheddar.com/videos/all-the-ways-autonomous-vehicles-are-still-not-road-ready The fast-paced push to bring autonomous vehicles to market is at sharp odds with an imperative to make the tech safe and trustworthy. Both new tech companies and legacy automakers are under pressure from...
  16. heynow321

    GM's driverless car bet faces long road ahead

    they can't even figure out if an object is in motion or not LOL https://www.reuters.com/article/us-gm-selfdriving-cruise-insight/gms-driverless-car-bet-faces-long-road-ahead-idUSKCN1MY0CK?utm_source=applenews Since May, General Motors Co and its Cruise self-driving car unit have landed $5...
  17. heynow321

    changes to gryft interface

    Is anyone else getting these stupid new video game-like sounds and notifications? if you have boober on top, then go back to gryft, it's been making this stupid sound and displaying a notification that says "network sync good" or something along those lines. it's implying you're not connected...
  18. heynow321

    the state of SDC's in 2018

    A nice collection of incompetent google cars making mistakes, almost hitting pedestrians, etc.
  19. heynow321

    king county detective attacks uber driver

    http://www.seattleweekly.com/news/king-county-suspends-a-detective-for-attacking-an-uber-driver/ reminder number a billion: keep those doors locked until you can size up your passengers.
  20. heynow321

    Uber analysis without the hype/propaganda

    https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2018/08/hubert-horan-can-uber-ever-deliver-part-sixteen-morningstars-horrendously-bad-uber-analysis-preview-ubers-ipo-propsectus.html This (and the rest of the series) is a great break down of the outright fraudulent report that moringstar just crapped out. If...