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  1. unitxero

    Uber pool robbery ?

    I mean, that article literally has no useful information. Is she suing Uber, the driver, the city? who knows. What bad pun is "five star lawsuit"? Whats the driver expected to do? Absolutely nothing, they aren't being paid to be Captain Save-A-Pax.
  2. unitxero

    Forgot about drugtest help!

    Uber doesn't give you anything. The TLC will give you an extension to take the test automatically. Eventually you will be listed as an inactive driver on OpenData sheet. Your Uber access will be removed until you do the test and the sheet gets updated.
  3. unitxero


    for non base drivers, how do zones work? and what does the orange number mean?
  4. unitxero


    LMFAOOOOO, Just Kalanick
  5. unitxero

    Tlc renewal license

    Anywhere from 1 to 30 days.
  6. unitxero

    Everything full

    Renting? you have an easy way to exit. Find another job. People with plates and monthly payments are in more jeopardy
  7. unitxero

    why volvo s90 only for black?

    what the @@@@ did I just read? an S90 asking to do X????????
  8. unitxero

    Uber in all of it's S**thousery

    yep same for me, in different areas all day. I don't believe for a second each section of Manhattan and Brooklyn I was in, there was reduced demand in a perfect circle around my car.
  9. unitxero

    Tlcmarketplace website preventing me from using it

    Ok, thanks for sharing. Try contacting their customer service.
  10. unitxero


    Some people don't understand that making those 190 dollars, took that man possibly 8 -10 hours, for some thief to steal his time and money. He wanted what he earned. When so many other people are already in his pocket from all these agencies TLC, DMV, NYC, NYS, NJ, Port Authority etc. A pax...
  11. unitxero

    Juno going out of business

    add it to the collection of other Juno phones in the Hudson.
  12. unitxero

    Petition to ban Kalanick

    You guys need a 95% "Yes" vote rate and a minimum of 12,000 posts for 2019 by the OP to get this passed. You'll need a Uberpeople.net Diamond Pro user to remake this, so it has a chance to pass.
  13. unitxero

    Are bridgestone ecopia ep422 good?

    I have 17" wheels
  14. unitxero

    Are bridgestone ecopia ep422 good?

    just get the Michelin, I use the same ones. Sure they suck in snow but, I don't really drive in it. Amazing overall tires. Plus they last so long with rotations. First set lasted 73,000 miles before they hit tread limits.
  15. unitxero

    Buying a car out of state!

    sometimes I'm not sure if you're trolling or serious. do you know what TRD stands for? You're getting stiffer suspension, larger wheels, slightly improved aerodynamics and sometimes changed seats. it's not the family version of the camry LMFAOOOOO. Your family is gonna be feeling every pot...
  16. unitxero


    I edited the picture.
  17. unitxero


    Maybe I'll see some of you guys driving down Greenwich and LES while I'm out. I don't ever drive on these sort of holidays. I enjoy em like everyone else. @@@@ making maybe 100 more than normal. Doesn't average up to a big enough increase to sacrifice life experiences.
  18. unitxero

    For the ants thinking about driving for Via

    yep there is no point in anyone not a Metris driver to work for Via. Metris drivers can log in and out of blue mode whenever. everyone else can't. They fill up the spots in blue mode and no one can get It. and all the reasons already listed above. Driving ridiculous amount of hours for...
  19. unitxero

    Did anyone experience this with insurance company?

    wow, what a joke
  20. unitxero

    Surrender save your life

    you blocked all that out but left your plate number... anyone can find out your full name and your current address with it.