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  1. UberPal

    Pregnant Lyft driver in third trimester stabbed to death by passenger

  2. UberPal

    Lyft Long 45+

    Lyft is starting to hide the Long 45 notification For those who drive Long 45 and want to know if the ride request is a Long 45 trip even with Power Zone and PT you can contact me I always know when the trip is a Long 45 even on PT and even with Power Zone
  3. UberPal

    Lyft files registration for expected IPO

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/06/lyft-files-registration-for-expected-ipo.html This is good news for drivers.
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    Uber posts $1 billion loss in quarter

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    Lyft will offer automatic tipping and driver ratings

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    Lyft driver has mental breakdown during ride

    https://www.foxnews.com/travel/lyft-driver-has-mental-breakdown-during-ride-california-passenger-says This is what happens when you work the regular rate for too long.
  7. UberPal

    Miami Uber Driver Raped A Female Passenger, Told Cops It Was A 'Perk' Of The Job

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/miami-uber-driver-raped-female-204955318.html It's a race to the bottom.
  8. UberPal

    EWR Uber Surge while Lyft missing in Action.

    Uber has been lighting up the airport while Lyft is sleeping on the wheel. Lyft needs to turn on Prime Time balance out the game, Uber seems to be throwing more money at us lately.
  9. UberPal

    NY HOV Lanes

    Can Jersey Uber drivers ride on the HOV lanes with 1 passenger? TLC Uber drivers are allowed was wondering if this is also permitted by out of state Uber drivers. The BQE from Verrazano bridge to Manhattan was jammed however the HOV lane was almost empty could save you allot of time if you have...
  10. UberPal

    Lyft driver sexually assaulted passenger after she refused $1K offer

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/dc33795a-48d4-37db-80c8-c2454bfd0712/ss_lyft-driver-sexually.html I think I saw this guy on the prayer rug at EWR
  11. UberPal

    Why I don't pickup in the hood

  12. UberPal

    Uber Rush shutting down

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/uberrush-shutting-down-235639953.html I guess they ran out of illegal immigrants.
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    An insane number of people have crashed their cars in N.J. since midnight

    http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/03/an_insane_number_of_people_have_crashed_their_cars_in_nj_since_midnight.html Wonder how many Uber drivers got hit.
  14. UberPal

    6 Hour Sleep Time on LYFT

    So after my last ride to the city I went to bed logged off for 5 hours and 50 minutes just 10 minutes shy of 6 hours. Woke up in the morning turned the app on and was kicked out for 6 hours, so basicly 12 hours of being logged off because of 10 minutes. You cant even invent the dumbest s..t that...
  15. UberPal

    Uber driver in US illegally charged with 4 California rapes

    Hey FBI please come to the EWR holding lot we got plenty of them here in Jersey, bring ICE https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mexican-uber-driver-us-illegally-200110745.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=1_08
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    Report Uber Tax Violation

    http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/catch.shtml I just called and reported Uber for violating Jersey Tax laws, thousands of NY drivers are earning wages in NJ yet they do not pay taxes in Jersey, this is not only violating NJ transportation law but more importantly its hurting NJ state...
  17. UberPal

    Brit diplomat murdered in Lebanon was 'strangled to death by Uber driver

    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/671360/Rebecca-Dykes-inquest-Beirut-Lebanon-murder-Uber-driver-strangled-raped-death Whats with Uber and all these Jihadis.
  18. UberPal

    Has anyone gotten this my acceptance rating is low

    Account Update Passengers rely on drivers to provide a dependable service, and it's important that you're there for them. We've reached out to you several times about your substantial number of missed ride requests. If this problem continues, you'll affect our ability to keep the platform...
  19. UberPal

    Uber scamming the Tips

    I always get tips on LYFT but never on Uber so I decided to find out whats going on. One rider told me he wanted to tip me so when I ended the ride we both looked at his phone and there was no option to tip we couldn't figure out how to tip. Second time I took a rider to JFK from Jersey City and...
  20. UberPal

    An Uber rider is suing the company, claiming it shouldn't have hired driver who allegedly raped her