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  1. KingTravisHasNoClothes

    Hello ?

    2:am old town and I count 5-6 noobs with their drivers app on which pretty much shoots everyone's wad for a bump in rate. If your new?, you get one pass. But if have been driving at least 90 days open the dictionary to idiot and you'll see your pic dumb a$$
  2. KingTravisHasNoClothes

    Article appearing on Vice Website

    Uber has pulled off a magnificent trick. It’s a taxi company that’s actually a technology company, its drivers are actually independent contractors, and its tightly-controlled algorithmic workforce management system is actually the freewheeling high-tech lifestyle of tomorrow. 

It’s because of...
  3. KingTravisHasNoClothes

    Face it, uber is not your partner

    If your new to uber, take a deep breath and exhale. When it comes to receiving a poor rating only 10% at best are legitimate. You must take into account that you are dealing with the public. And for someone who has completed over 1000 rides, my rating when I began sank to 4.65 right out of the...
  4. KingTravisHasNoClothes

    Beware➡️ Cobblestone free vehicle safety inspection is a scam!

    I recently needed a vehicle inspection and cobblestone was listed as offering a free inspection. The first location stated that my vehicle would not pass due to a crack in my windshield?, when I ask "what crack" the guy pointed to a small chip on lower pax side of windshield that was between 1/8...
  5. KingTravisHasNoClothes

    uber cuts like a knife

    Uber cuts drivers rates, but uber never takes a cut. Yet we are partners, right ? Tony Soprano salutes you !
  6. KingTravisHasNoClothes

    Thinking of driving for uncle travis?, uncle travis likes fresh meat

    U.S. MAYRA BELTRAN / HOUSTON CHRONICLE The taxi wars: Full-time with Uber, but running on fumes In Houston, drivers fear bad ratings, lack of insurance coverage and unreliable income September 15, 2015 9:00AM ET by E. Tammy Kim @etammykim Editor’s note: This is the second story in a four-part...
  7. KingTravisHasNoClothes

    AZ Gov Ducey to make good

    Da Gov is going to make his appearance at Phoenix Arizona Uber's new "Command Center" in order to make good on Uber's payola to the Duce's election campaign . Do some fact checking on Gov. Ducey history as CEO of Cold Stone Creamery and it's not hard to to see that it's nothing more than a sham...