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  1. Uber_Jay2

    5* Star Ratings

    I just come back on this app and it seems low ratings update. I take screen shots when I physically seen ppl give me 5 stars yet it doesn't update in the app 🤔🧐. Then this random 1 star comes in. It's funny cuz I got a new achievement on how many 5 stars I got just recently yet the last 500...
  2. Uber_Jay2


    When they are new to the market. It's hard to get help. It was busy but now it's slow. I'm so confused. I try to reach out and they don't respond. They don't have a number like anyone else?
  3. Uber_Jay2

    State investigated my taxes for 2016

    Had to submit a spreadsheet of my miles. Driven for the whole year. Luckily I know what this was on a corporate office level. Doing it for myself was quite easy. Got it back from the state saying I owe 0.00 and no refund. Just as it should have been. Remember keep track of your miles!!! These...
  4. Uber_Jay2

    Pax said I did everything wrong

    Nah I kick your behind out my car. And she says uh no I'm paying for this. I said you only getting charged to this point. Get another. I tried to take the low rating as a warning but ignored it. She reported everything navigation Safety professionalism. All cuz I asked her please don't eat in my...
  5. Uber_Jay2

    New to UE

    When I get to the restaurant and they are still preparing the food and I hit order is not ready. Who does that notify besides Uber? The restaurant and/or customer? What's the primary purpose of this button because UE support doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about... Surprise surprise
  6. Uber_Jay2

    UberEATS delay

    Uber is to launch today at 7am in my market. Even the media knows by speaking to the media rep. The app still shows nothing.
  7. Uber_Jay2

    UberEATS coming

    Are you ready? Did you opt in? We haven't got information on restaurants they partnered with here yet, im curious to see and try it on both sides for our market
  8. Uber_Jay2

    UberEATS coming soon

    So looks like our market is to be getting it soon. They won't tell us a date. Does anyone remember in their market how long it took for them to tell you the start date?
  9. Uber_Jay2

    UberX over 4 Pax

    Okay what are yall doing out there?? Here law enforcement already told us this they will fine us $1,000 for having more passengers than there are seat belts. So I go pick these riders and they always sneak in that ONE additional person. Then you have to tell them you can only take 4. or they...