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  1. Dr_Son


    Im seeing more and more NY plated cars in shore area... if the sudden influx of new drivers didn't kill surge enough.
  2. Dr_Son

    Smoking CIGARETTES in the Car..

    My first response when i pick up a client and they have a newly lit, or 1/2 cigarette is... "Jump in, you can smoke in here.." There response is.. "really? i can smoke in an uber?" I usually respond with.. "You can smoke in my car, but if you burn anything i'll kill you.." Now clearly the...
  3. Dr_Son

    Lets Talk GAS MILEGE (MPG)

    So last night at the "Jersey shore", it was incredibly slow.. I did probably $60 gross in a period of 4 hrs.. I kept moving towards surge zones, using cruise control, and found that surge clearly is not in our interest in that there is a demand... It's just useful to know if a "bar is getting...
  4. Dr_Son

    UBER PICNIC? Non-Company Sponsored

    Not that i'm organizing it.... But would any of you be interested in a BBQ at a park while the weather is still nice? Have time to meet other drivers, compare cars, talk cars, ride experiences etc etc.. Perhaps we could get sponsorship... Thinking a early sunday afternoon would be ideal...
  5. Dr_Son

    WHEN to start trip after arrived?

    I've been holding off starting the trips until i actually make contact, "Hello.... " Or seeing them walk out the door.. Now i know it's .18$ a minute.. if they the pax says ohh ill be 5 minutes, do you start the trip? I seldom want to cancel, and haven't had anyone make me wait more than 3-5...
  6. Dr_Son

    Boat House / Bar A ; Jersey Shore Ticketed

    Hello everyone... Tonight is a Tuesday night, incident time was 10:50pm.. If you know the area, i picked up my passangers (3) in Freehold, aprox 12 Miles from drop off location. The ride was fine with passengers.. I being an experienced, UPS driver, i know how to pull up to the curb...