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  1. BSki

    Drivers fined for not displaying the Uber & Lyft Logo at SFO

    You need one for Uber and one for Lyft, but can only display one at a time that matches your current waybill. Just a matter of time before LAX starts looking at the cameras and sending out fines that way.
  2. BSki

    Dash cam notice

    I spoke to two cops here in Ca and both said there is no expectation of privacy in a rideshare. They also went on to say the if pulled over, I do not have to inform the officer that I am recording as the officer also has no expectation of privacy. I put stickers on all windows just as added...
  3. BSki

    Not impressed with Uber support

    That's like asking to be impressed by ghosts, UFOs, or intelligent blondes. Like Uber customer support, they don't exist.
  4. BSki

    You won’t believe why I got a bad rating Saturday

    How did you buy a car and get it approved and driving on the same day?
  5. BSki

    Would you upgrade your car to semi autonomous?

    I use it all the time I am on the freeway in my Clarity. Lane keep assist with adaptive cruise control takes a lot of stress out of driving. I just take a nap, wake up, say goodbye and cha-ching!!!! Wait for ping, repeat.... Not sure why I don't get any tips.
  6. BSki

    Is it illegal to use your dashcam to record audio in California?

    CA is a two party state, so normally yes it is illegal. I spoke to an LAPD officer and he informed me there is zero expectation of privacy in rideshare. He also said the same about being pulled over, the officer has no right to privacy. So no, you do not need to inform them. As a CYA, I have...
  7. BSki

    Lyft taking of 40-45 per cent of the gain

    They are not stealing from you, they are paying you for your time and miles, that's it. If they can get the PAX to pay more than what they are paying you, that is smart business.
  8. BSki

    23 straight trips no tip, think I can make it to 50?

    Makes a bold statement on how you treat your pax. Sit there and say nothing, do nothing but get them safely to their destination and you will be paid for what you did. Tips are for going above and beyond standard service.
  9. BSki

    Lyft Employees Do Not Tip

    I have. She apologized for me having to sit in so much traffic. 10 mile ride took an hour, she tipped $10
  10. BSki


    I do. Get into an accident in period one, and if your at fault, you're going to lose a LOT more than your vehicle.
  11. BSki

    My First Puker!

    Get some puke bags, never know when you are going to pick up a day drinker that needs one.
  12. BSki

    FRUSTRATION: Short trips out of LAX

    Return to the pen and you should have gotten bumped up because of a short trip.
  13. BSki

    Death to all California drivers Uber and Lyft.

    Makes me happy that I run on Hydrogen...
  14. BSki

    Drive Uber to pay debt - Los angeles

    This is a poor financial decision. All you are doing is taking the value out of your vehicle and putting it towards the loan. You are not 'making' anything, simply shifting money from one place to another. Trying to make $1k a week is either going to require some serious cherry picking skills...
  15. BSki

    Lyft adventures

    I had this happen as well. I contacted support and they adjusted the fare and added the power zone bonus.
  16. BSki

    OC or LA market?

    I am in OC right on the border with Long Beach. I was wondering if I should keep my account in the OC market or have it changed to the LA market for bonuses etc. I don't get any kind of quests or bonuses down here. Was thinking about this for both Lyft and Uber. Any thoughts on this?
  17. BSki

    It's Serious Down In South Africa!

    I fully expected this post to be talking about the rains.
  18. BSki

    The app shows the wrong color for my car

    There isn't even a picture for my car. PAX only know to look for a white honda. Many communications with Uber, they are useless.
  19. BSki

    Have you ever had to stop for gas w/ pax in the car?

    Not an option for me as I run on Hydrogen. But I have gotten pings while I am fueling. I accept the ping and then just call the pax and tell them I am finishing at the pump and will be on my way in a minute.
  20. BSki

    ubereats, just did one yesterday, not too bad

    If you are working expecting tips you need a different job. You cannot assume you can live off the generosity of others. Try a freeway offramp with a sign that says "This is easier than Uber", see how well you do depending on the generosity of others.