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  1. Blumbelgorge

    uber Alabama

    I occasionally pick up a trip in Montgomery/Auburn when I am visiting the in-laws. For some reason I can drive there as well in Ga. May be because that is where I initially signed up to drive before Uber was in Macon.
  2. Blumbelgorge

    Drive to Macon

    It's pretty slow all the time everywhere in WR, I pretty much have stopped driving here, the market is way to over saturated with drivers now. You can do fairly well on the weekend nights in Macon if you don't mind dealing with drunks (get some barf bags). I can't speak for Macon during the day...
  3. Blumbelgorge

    June 30th Concert in WR

    Montgomery Gentry is going to be playing at the stadium by WR High School, and they are estimating attendance of 25k+. I'm not sure if there are any designated uber pickup/dropoff zones, but that time of day should be particularly hopping...
  4. Blumbelgorge

    Anybody get a piece of the love?

    I've noticed Fri nights in Wr are hit or miss. Sat nights seem to be the busiest nights here. I usually start out doing a loop from my house right off Watson down moody road to 96, then down 96 till 41, then North on 41 till Watson. I usually will wait at either the Kroger on 96 or thee Kroger...
  5. Blumbelgorge

    Anybody get a piece of the love?

    Not to bad Uber wise. Lyft glitched out and I missed a bunch of requests, killed my acceptance rate so no weekly guarantee this week ><. Ticked me off because it was $70 for 5 trips. Still have 15 Uber rides to get the weekend quests. Sitting at the Kroger on 96 waiting for the first ride, if it...
  6. Blumbelgorge

    Anybody get a piece of the love?

    My house is right in the middle of that lol. Of course I would have to be driving up in Atl when it went off...
  7. Blumbelgorge

    Warner Robins to the Airport

    They weren't actually airport trips, one was to a house west of the beltway and the other was somewhere near midtown. I can't set it to WR because of distance, so when I head home I usually set the filter on McDonough or Forsyth. If I recall correctly I got one from somewhere in Clayton county...
  8. Blumbelgorge

    Warner Robins to the Airport

    Understand. Both my paid trips to ATL were when I wasn't really prepared to be there for a long time, I ended up using the destination filter though and did get a couple nice rides that way though.
  9. Blumbelgorge

    Warner Robins to the Airport

    Do any driving in ATL?
  10. Blumbelgorge

    Bahama Bobs in Perry

    Cash rides are usually not a good idea, as you would probably not be covered by insurance, if something happened you would be hosed. Also, if a pax damaged your car or made a mess you wouldn't be able to get uber to collect damages/cleaning fees for you, you would have to try and collect from...
  11. Blumbelgorge

    Bahama Bobs in Perry

    Some enterprising driver made an Uber flyer/poster with their number and promo code and put it up on the bulletin board by the door. Wish I had thought of that.
  12. Blumbelgorge

    What's up party peoples!

    I'm David. I signed up to drive a couple years ago in Montgomery, but never actually went over there to drive. I moved my profile to WR as soon as they started here, and started actively driving about 8 months ago. I am at 438 trips so far. I usually just drive on Fri and Sat nights in WR, and...
  13. Blumbelgorge

    Bahama Bobs in Perry

    I had a pickup there a few weeks ago. It seems like the owner/bouncer does not understand how uber works, he wanted me to take another drunk home in addition to the paying pax and pay cash, turned him down and told him he would have to use the app. I could tell a few stories about that place, lol.
  14. Blumbelgorge

    anyone pursuing the 40.00 for 25 ride promo?

    I did. Barely made it, last trip was at about 20 till.
  15. Blumbelgorge

    Military Base Access

    Cool, I posted there :)
  16. Blumbelgorge

    Macon / Warner Robins

    I live/drive in Warner Robins!
  17. Blumbelgorge

    Military Base Access

    I drive mostly in WR as well, and used to work on the base up until a few years ago. I have had to decline a few base pick ups, but have had no trouble taking people (with non Contractor IDs) on base. Up until recently the policy on who got access was base-specific, but the 2017 NDAA...
  18. Blumbelgorge

    Help me understand .......

    I live/drive in WR as well. I only get requests that long when it is really dead like 5 am on a Sat night/Sun morning, but then that is the only time I really do any driving, as Fri/Sat night are the only times there are enough riders to make up for the complete saturation of drivers here. Lyft...