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  1. Alidean

    Tickets for bike lane blocking

    These are the same bike lanes that bicyclists never use. Also note the "officers can take pics of your tags and send tickets via mail if you move once they roll up on you" part I'm glad I'm going back into retirement again https://wtop.com/dc/2019/11/dc-cracking-down-on-bike-lane-blockers/
  2. Alidean

    Some may find this footage is disturbing.

    I apparently am not "some"
  3. Alidean

    Scheduled pick ups.

    Anyone notice the change that now uber makes us wait out a long time? I had to wait out a 10 minute timer as well. Didnt see a way to cancel
  4. Alidean

    Another episode of "The Life of an Uber Driver"

    "An Uber passenger who got into a physical altercation with another rider was struck and killed by a highway patrol car after jumping from the Uber and running across a highway." I'm just curious how many stars were dolled out at the end? https://abcn.ws/2BskXgp
  5. Alidean

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  6. Alidean

    9/25 66 Westbound in Fairfax only two lanes all day

    Lola like 2 lanes down in the morning and 2 lanes down in the afternoon between 50 and 123 https://wtop.com/dc-transit/2019/09/emergency-road-closures-on-i-66-major-delays-expected-through-afternoon-rush/
  7. Alidean

    Might come out of retirement

    Just for this weekend. I know it's the worst of the worst times but day job slowed down a little too much. And this is what the best part of driving for uber is. There, if and when you need to make some side money. Theres no national bike day this weekend or anything is there?
  8. Alidean

    Uber/Lyft making traffic worse

    Hasnt this been known for years now? https://wtop.com/dc-transit/2019/08/how-much-uber-lyft-may-be-adding-to-d-c-traffic/
  9. Alidean

    $1000 a week?

    For the record it's not for me. My buddy who drives flashed his phone at me last night and made 1000 last week. Just curious what level ant that is lol.
  10. Alidean

    How you know its getting worse and worse

    I've been in the forum for long enough that I just realized we havent had a "its was great out there today/yesterday" thread in quite some time. That tiny island when red lit up the map and the lucky people that could drive or would drive and dish out totals for the day.
  11. Alidean

    Finally a police officer when you need him

    https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2019/07/07/nypd-used-deadly-force-to-stop-cyclist-suspected-of-running-red-light/ An NYPD officer used his SUV squad car as a battering ram to stop a earbud-wearing Citi Bike rider who had allegedly run two red lights and ignored an order to pull over— and then the...
  12. Alidean

    Uber Helicopter

    I bet the pilot only gets $5 per ride https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/05/travel/uber-helicopter-nyc-jfk.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur
  13. Alidean

    Constant Uber emails

    I havent actually driven in well over 2 months now. As of now I have no plans in returning, however I've been getting a ton of emails from uber. But not the "you should come back and drive" ones. It's been "heres why gold is good for you" ones. I have a pretty good feeling drivers are realizing...
  14. Alidean

    I swear i didnt write this article

  15. Alidean

    Word is lyft app is down?

    Trending on Twitter. Anyone that confirm?
  16. Alidean

    I believe I have figured out "you're in a busy area"

    Scheduled trips. I have been generally in a non busy, rural area and gotten a scheduled trip on almost all of them. Most of the time nothing. I think this is Uber's way of keeping someone in the area to take the upcoming scheduled trip
  17. Alidean

    Bike lanes

    https://wtop.com/dc-transit/2019/03/i-66-toll-lane-bike-trail-layout-comes-into-focus/slide/1/ Who wants to bet they end up in traffic on 66 and then blame the driver when they get hit? Because its super rare around here for bicyclists to actually be in bike lanes and not literally be playing...
  18. Alidean

    Friday night lights

    If you weren't out driving I feel bad for you. 45 mins of that was dead miles trying to rush back to work this morning from a long trip to Baltimore
  19. Alidean

    Gold member

    Can one of you folks post your quest this weekend? Got some extra time so I'm sure I'm gonna hit my 20 rides for $10. Just need to see how many shuffles I need to do after that to equal the gold quest
  20. Alidean

    Whos betting on another shut down friday this week?

    Make your money while you can. And file taxes sooner than later