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  1. Ionscy

    How Do You Rate Passengers?

    I was just curious how you guys here choose to rate passengers. What does a 5 star passenger look like? What does a 2 star passenger look like? etc etc... I ask because prior to this week, I just told myself "if I feel safe and comfortable with a passenger, and they dont leave trash or get...
  2. Ionscy

    Did you rely heavily on gps/nav when starting?

    Hi all - Im a newer driver to the Uber platform. So far thought I was doing well, until today one individual evidently reported me for navigation issues (efficiency). They were in the Ballard area needing to go downtown, and were "very very late" for work. I was wondering if when you all...
  3. Ionscy

    Lyft policy on picking up friend with referral code?

    Hey all - My friends car broke down today and needs a ride tomorrow morning to work (she lives less than a block away from my apartment building). She has a referral code for Lyft (I gave her mine because I found out she'd never taken a ride with Lyft before) and am wondering if I give...