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    In the Old days we used to help with bags and cases and even got a brolly out in the rain to walk customer to the car when you used to have to knock. The customers most of the time would tip well and comment on a good service Since Uber customers in general expect it and for shit rates @@@@...
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    Euro 6

    you have to go to Volkswagen direct but ask your dealer and they will be aware of this and may have a contact to get it done quicker.
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    Sound familiar ?

    The Fyre festival netflix doc is more like uber one flash businessman, hyped up idea for trendy kids and loads of lies to investors great watch
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    Never been like that.

    F'kin hell Thats 1992 prices
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    Companies similar to cabline

    cabfind Cmac
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    Private Hire Drivers Protest over PHV Congestion Charging

    Good video mate How come you're not doing much on Uber lately? Not for us old timers lol ?
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    Mywhip Lol

    Roadmen hahaha every job will be a wait and return lol
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    Hopp Onboarding

    Thats what happened to the blazing squad fam :)
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    Slow time

    That's why you should always have a local office to top your earnings up.
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    tumbleweed january

    and the rest ha I think the newer drivers will be in for a massive shock. The industry is f8cked
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    tumbleweed january

    I dread to think how quiet january will be . I know they always are but Uber had a massive recruitment drive last October and took on loads of drivers and then it seems faily busy everywhere for a couple of months so all good. Local bases will be dead and drivers will be plotted up on various...
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    What a liberty They won't pay they'll blame it on the rider which is the only time uber ever blame the rider for anything
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    Wonder how Cabbie007 is doing on his first day?

    Makes me laugh when people include meal deals, lunch and travelling in to working area. "Hi my names david and I work for BT and i'm on 32k a year however once I take my travel and lunch money out this works out at 29k" Said no one ever
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    Did you ever see a marathon runner sprint?

    Youtubers earn good money if their Videos get enough views? Surely he will be laughing all the way to the bank if he earns from both Uber and youtube Really can't see what harm it does as long as he posts the crap months as well which i am sure he will.
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    Uber Offering Free £10 rides to NHS Staff

    hahaha How very nice of the company that cheats the NHS out of millions each year by not paying any UK VAT Maybe Starbucks can offer our hardworking nurses some free coffee ??
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    Wonder how Cabbie007 is doing on his first day?

    Ha sorry fella but sod the haters... first time someone on here has posted regular updates with no lies. The difference is when it does go quiet in jan you will carry on posting the earnings regardless if low or not. I'm surprised how much you've earned but your post on Uber pool experience is...
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    Wonder how Cabbie007 is doing on his first day?

    It wouldn't surpirse me if Uber spys spot the Vlog and put him on some sort of VIP cream up list. Would be great PR for them if earnings were being reported.
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    Wonder how Cabbie007 is doing on his first day?

    I bet he has gone for the proper lolipops as well not the cheap sh*t and skittles family pack for the punters.
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    Wonder how Cabbie007 is doing on his first day?

    I would guess a lot of Uber drivers will not declare regardless of everything going through bank. Catch me if you can mentality. How far would HMRC go if they are in rented accomdation / house shares and moving about all the time. Not all I mean some not 007 ha
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    Wonder how Cabbie007 is doing on his first day?

    ha old tricks 3 airports on first day was always standard in local offices / first days