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    Uber CEO calls Saudi murder of Khashoggi "a mistake," scrambles to backtrack, compares an assassination with "self-driving mistakes"

    he lies in each direction depending on how it's needed to argue his point, it's what liars do
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    Uber’s Khosrowshahi Is Making Some Headway

    lol Yeah, they, again, bested revenue from the year earlier, while also posting a larger loss. So, what's more important, higher revenue, or higher losses ? I think it's higher losses. Just typical Uber spin.
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    not all posts need to revolve around the original post
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    Uber needs to buy Lyft to survive

    antitrust concerns won't allow it to happen
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    let's focus on this ... this should remind drivers to take all dogs and start recording audio or video and if the dog starts acting violent you can end the ride because the dog poses a threat just make sure you got proof
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    Has anyone encountered this?

    lol obviously they were scamming you
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    No Uber for the Holidays - Magical Unemployment Push

    ya says the new member
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    Can't login to app after picking up HS kids -- is this a deactivation without warning?

    you can file a small claims suit which is more likely to win in than an arbitration judge that is picked by Uber
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    Uber’s CEO Wants the Company to Be Magical. The Market Just Wants Profits.- Uber Could Save the Stock by Pulling Back on Uber Eats

    lol all this guy does is spin garbage like this 1573334683 every year Uber has more revenue than the last year while having more losses than the last and the investors are stupid enough to eat it all up
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    Driverless - as in no driver

    now you're starting to realize why SDC's can never work
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    Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars Coming To Los Angeles

    ya sure they havent even mastered Mountain View yet even after 5 years gotta keep that stock price up by lying their ass off about fake SDC's though
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    Down to 2 DF as of yesterday(N.J.)

    Lyft knows nobody gives a shit about the arrive by feature but they need something to offset the destination filter being reduced, trying to cover up for it....as usual.
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    ❤️ How to Sue Uber and Lyft ❤️

    Just want to point out that you do not have to take everything to arbitration. If you read the uber agreement, it says you can take matters to small claims. You simply can not sue in civil court and can not do a class action unless you opted out of the arbitration agreement. 1573286509 Just...
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    Fair will not delete cards from your account so be careful which cards you add to your payment method

    any other company that you have a credit card on file with will simply allow you to have them remove it from your account if you ask them to, except Fair all i need is for some hacker to somehow get access to my account and get my card info somehow you literally can not even allow your uber...
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    Uber employees can finally sell their stock. They won’t be as rich as they hoped.

    not really, investors are used to Uber losing $1.2 billion a quarter lol
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    Uber employees can finally sell their stock. They won’t be as rich as they hoped.

    the stock dumped a lot in the months leading up to the lockup expiration..a sort of self correction in anticipation as they continue losing money in each quarter going forward the stock will continue its fall