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    Raptors Game 5: Did You Drive?

    There was once a day during TIFF 2015 or 2016 on a Sunday that I remember driving for 5-6 hours with endless surges ... while 1/2 the rides were Select. Oh how one can reminisce and dream.
  2. Zoomer3614

    Raptors Game 5: Did You Drive?

    Getting a surge at 2.5x and seeing its a long trip notification — thats a dream. Enjoy!
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    Toronto - Stabbing Victim Takes An Uber

    Police say that the victim was stabbed in the leg during the course of some sort of altercation at an unconfirmed location. He then got into an Uber following the stabbing and was taken to the Hilton near Richmond Street and University Avenue, police say. News Article
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    Rider ordering Uber for someone else.

    Frowned upon, but accepted.
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    PAX Trying To Roll Down Windows On The Highway

    I actually kept matching the customer rolling theirs down, and back up every few minutes. After the third time, they asked legitimately if I was just copying them -- only to explain the exact same thing. They didn't realize, but of course didn't drive either.
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    Another winner.
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    Professional Car Detailing services anyone?

    Was trying to figure out which gas station at Kennedy & Eglinton it was beside ...... in Mississauga. :)
  8. Zoomer3614

    Professional Car Detailing services anyone?

    Kennedy & Eglinton ... in Scarborough I assume?
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    Downtown Madness

    Absolutely. Years back, it used to surge from 6:30-9:30 almost every Sunday. Those were incredible times.
  10. Zoomer3614

    Do you remember your last monster surge?

    Toronto marathon in the morning. Was surges for a couple hours. Believe it hit 3.5-3.7x.
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    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    Went out early afternoon. $75 in less than 2 hours. Out now, and its been slow.
  12. Zoomer3614

    Divine Saturday- A series of Unfortunate events.

    I feel for you.
  13. Zoomer3614

    Bylaw inspections at...

    Just saw one at hurontario and courtney park in the plaza with dennys in it.
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    Why is It So Slow? (Is it just me?)

    Is Uber working for anyone this morning? No cars showing online.
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    At what surge rate would you stop your boycotting, and start driving on May 8th?

    This morning playing out like a usual oversaturated morning. No strike effect whatsoever.