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    Multi Perso Fee

    Lately I have had upwards of 5-6 people piling in my car for a ride and only getting the usual small short distance fee.Is there any way to charge for extra riders,or is there a rider limit?
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    Special Event Advice

    I am always looking for the best way to get rides and not waste alot of gas.Like when I go into a real rough area I tend to go offline and head back to where I started.My main question is,for events ie football,baseball and the Preakness.Is it best to go there and stay or work away from the...
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    Stay Mobile Or Stay Put

    I can only find one place that will insure me and its a $100 more a month,and I don't know if its worth it.I have some thinking to do.
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    Stay Mobile Or Stay Put

    Yeah this whole insurance thing is utterly confusing and somewhat deceptive in there description.To me it is not cost effective part time to have to get new,more expensive insurance.I'm very disappointed,as I had fun on my first day!I went to there office on Sat and I thought the way they...
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    Stay Mobile Or Stay Put

    I am new,like one day new to driving.I am trying to determine is it best to stay stationary or drive around to get trips?Thanks!