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  1. Zaarc

    Vent Mount

    I have this which works pretty well. I don't like the vent ones because it blocks the air conditioning that normally hits me directly. It does keep the phone nice and cool though. But in the winter it would make the phone hotter. So I keep it off the vent. iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount...
  2. Zaarc

    Pickup from broken down vehicle on freeway shoulder

    Right. They should put their loved ones in danger rather than us.
  3. Zaarc

    What music during trips?

    If you have Pandora you can ask it to play anything they DO like. Can you really not stand to listen to something off your personal playlist for 15 minutes?
  4. Zaarc

    The Sixth Sense ride. Kid talking to spirits?

    Maybe the Franklin bit was her telling you that a hundred dollar tip ain't never going to happen.
  5. Zaarc

    Best Autonomous Vehicle party trick

    I'm guessing the AV would know if the door was opened or not. If not, it would cancel after mins. 1565771690
  6. Zaarc

    The Inconveniece Of Beth

    I think kerb is a Brit thing.
  7. Zaarc

    "Do you have an Aux Cord?"

    Why are you LISTENING to your gps. That is just as annoying to the pax as their music is to you. How many actual times do you have to listen to shitty music? Yet every single pax has to hear your robo-mom tell you what to do.
  8. Zaarc


    Actually I have a REAL toll concern. Just tonight I had a ride into PA that took me on the PA turnpike, and I did not get compensated for that. A half hour on the phone with a filibot got me a 5 dollar "other promotion" bump. This has happened before...I think that time it might have been the...
  9. Zaarc

    Well Damn.

    the two companies will probably merge soon enough.
  10. Zaarc

    Acronyms for those new to the Forum

    I want to initiate a new acronym for this forum. Everytime I write something about a pool ride or a long pickup, i feel i have to say "yeah yeah, I know". So from now on i will add YYIK when I know you guys are gonna jump on me for various decisions I make.
  11. Zaarc

    Mileage deduction almost as much as earnings???

    Looks like you are driving too many dead miles.
  12. Zaarc

    "Do you have an Aux Cord?"

    I keep both in the car but I don't offer them. In 1500 rides I can count on one hand the number of times I have been asked for a mint. The dollar I spent six months ago has not yet been depleted. I like to keep a couple of small Waters in the center console in case it sounds like somebody back...
  13. Zaarc

    "Do you have an Aux Cord?"

    It costs absolutely nothing to just be nice to other people. If you catch an attitude from a Pax, do your best to deescalate and then just think about something else for the rest of the ride. People who stew in their own lividity are destined to be miserable. Too much negativity will only...
  14. Zaarc

    "Do you have an Aux Cord?"

    oh! well I guess I do. I was thinking of the 1/8-inch connector that you plug into a headphone jack. I do not have a cord for the USB that will plug into different phones. The multihead cable I have is ONLY for charging. It does not carry data of any kind.
  15. Zaarc

    Fill in the blank. It is so annoying when a pax...

    ...and doesn't give me one.